Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Story of Amazon.com

From the book blurb
On July 16, 1995, American entrepreneur and e-commerce pioneer, Jeff Bezos invited 300 friends to beta test a website he has developed. The site was named Amazon.com, after the meandering South American river. The initial success of the company was meteoric. With no press promotion, Amazon.com sold books across the United States and in 45 foreign countries within 30 days.

We bring you the origins, leaders, growth and products of Amazon.com, an undisputed giant in the e-commerce market.

Sara Gilbert

What I think
For me Amazon.com is more Kindle than anything else; so, the cover page is perfect! The blurb is short and sweet. The title is intriguing and builds anxiety within readers.

The narrative is smooth and very crisp. It is a high-level view of Amazon.com’s success story. It is awe-inspiring and awesome to read about great visionaries.

Jeff Bezos looks for a garage to begin his business because many of his heroes had started their business in garage. I couldn’t stop thinking about the 75 years old Hewlett Packard and how they evolved from a garage!

The growth and success of any company happens because of the contribution by more than one person. In the cae of Amazon.com, it is a book! I will not say which one. Grab the book to know about it.

Jeff Bezos’s confidence and determination is truly inspiring. To grow so fast and emerge as a top brand in as less as 14 years is commendable!

Yay! Now I know why Amazon.com is called Amazon.com!!!!

The reading flow is irritatingly interrupted by tit-bit information. Every second page contains tit-bits and it is really frustrating! I wish that it was placed appropriately after the end of each chapters.

Should you read it?
It is super-tiny with as less as 70 pages. And it is highly inspiring.
Goosebumps assured!


Thank you
I heartily thank Jaico Puiblishing House for giving away the book for review.

Some words that stole my heart
“He (Bezos) believed that the internet could be invisible today and ubiquitous (everywhere) tomorrow”

PS: Thanks to my cousin for joining in Amazon.com and for forcing me to get this book. And thanks to my love – my dear Amazon Kindle!


  1. Apple’s P/E (Price-Earning Ratio) is 16.07. Google’s P/E is 29.09. Amazon’s P/E is 821.94. The numbers speak for themselves.

  2. exactly! kindle is what comes to mind whenever someone talks about Amazon but there is far more to this magical web portal! nice review! I'll get this book too :)

    1. Its a tiny book and demands just an hour of your time.
      And I bet that you would not regret the time spent.
      Thanks Ankita :)

  3. such success stories gives me goosebumps too. Nice review of the book.

  4. I'd like to read this book. He asked 300 friends to test his new site? No wonder my site is UNKNOWN :P

    Destination Infinity

    1. Lolz!
      Thats quite an information.
      Thanks a lot!