Sunday, 26 October 2014

Three Years as Locomente!

Locomente turns 3 today!!!

Is it really three years since that Diwali afternoon, I wonder with disbelief. Hasn’t these three years passed in a wink, I ask myself admiringly.

I look back and I am realize that it had been awesome three years of learning, experimenting and evolving. It started with random rants and progressed with stories and haiku. Book review added a new dimension to my life. It let me taste a wide variety of books from fiction to non-fictions, short-stories to classics to erotica.

Today, as I stand, it looks unbelievable. About 1100 posts in about 1100 days. Over last two years, there has never been a day when I haven’t posted something. I don’t know if that is tactical enough. I don’t live to add strategies to my passion, I correct myself.

Blogging came as a welcome distraction from my routine lives. Soon, reading books or quotes and watching movies became more interesting. I looked around and more crazy thoughts emerged. It made me think and it made me express.

Some friends say that I am good when I write about love. They say that I am good with words. That’s how my tagline emerged - ROMANCING WORDS.

There are also several instances when people who don’t know me intimately mistaking that my blog is a space where I write about my life. GUYS, LOCOMENTE IS NOT AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY. It is just a compilation of random thoughts, some crazy, some thought-provoking and many dream-like. I wish and hope that they see this as a creative space and not as my personal journal. I say this very constantly, I know. More so because it bothers me.

On this awesome day, I thank Locomente for being the Sunshine in my otherwise dark life. Thanks for adding shades to my life and making it worthy enough. Thanks for letting me make mistakes and learn in the hardest possible way; yet for standing by me.

I thank my many-many readers who always shower the Locomente with several motivating and encouraging comments. They mean a lot to me and keeps me going. I also apologize for not reciprocating appropriately. I pledge to become better!

I thank MS Word, my lovely laptops, Book-review Programs, movies, almost everything and everyone around me.

I also thank my amazingly crazy mind for inspiring me every day to write something or the other.
Locomente - my best friend; my soul.

And I would like to begin the 4th year with my favorite line by Robert Frost”
“Miles to go before I sleep”

With lots of love and mother’s pride,
Locomente J


  1. congrats!! I love reading your blog! keep rocking and all the best :D

    1. Thanks a lot Ankita.
      Your support and comments means a lot to me.

  2. Congratulations ... Love, cat

  3. Good feel. Congrats.
    Yes blogging can prove to be a stress reliever , a distraction from ennui and difficult times.

  4. Congratulations & Celebrations!
    Robert Frost's line is so apt. Wish you all the best for many milestones ahead!
    Keep Blogging & rocking :)

  5. Congrats and wishing you many more years of blogging. Its a great way to relieve stress and share your thoughts.
    Good to know you've blogged everyday....keep that up.

    1. I have Insignia... Like a crazy!
      Thanks a lot :)

  6. Congratulations on 5 years! Look forward to reading more.

  7. Congrats dear...1100 posts in 1100 days...a post every day..this is something no 1 cud do...keep writing...;-)

    1. Thanks a lot...
      I never planned to write everyday. It happened.

  8. 1100 posts in 3 years? I have not written half of that in 8 years! Take up a new goal: 2200 posts in the next three years. What say? :)

    Destination Infinity

    1. I think it would anyways become 2200 in 3 years... More so if I dont fix it as a target... Because I never thought I could write so much!

      Thanks a lot for the awesome idea :)