Wednesday, 22 October 2014

When I went Crazy!

Kolam can drive me mad.
I enjoy the exercise of deciding the basic pattern…
And the process of developing into a unique one…

This particular kolam turned out to be bigger than planned…
But, no regrets…
Just too proud of it!!!

Happy Diwali folks.
Try not to burst crackers. They scare the animals and pollute the environment.
But, do eat lots of sweets and wear new clothes.

In short, have a responsible and safe Diwali!


  1. Love your kolams ... so beautifully and intricately designed :-)

    Happy Diwali buddy :-)

  2. Nice kolams. Second one looks complicated.

    1. Thanks SG.
      Second is the main kolam. First is put on steps.
      Happy Diwali to you :)