Thursday, 27 November 2014


A dear friend always says, “You should learn to live with the choices you made/make”.


Do we truly have control over situations? Do we ever get to choose what we want? Don’t you think that it is only an illusion that we are making conscious choice?

On a philosophical note, I believe that everything is preplanned.

To quote William Shakespeare:
·     “All the world’s is a stage, and all the men and women merely players”.
·      “The whole world - theater, and the people in it – the actors”

I strongly believe that our life is preplanned and we are merely executing the plan. We have no control over people we meet or the situations we get into.

Then, about what choice is my friend referring? And do we really don’t have control over life? Are we mere puppets? Actors?

Well, I have an answer…

We can choose how we want to feel. Mind you, how we react or respond is also not under our control. But, we control how we should feel about a situation.

We can choose to be happy, sad, bitter, regretful, guilty, vengeance, anger, and what not!

However, if we understand that we have no control over our life or the way others would respond to us, life would become easier.

Always ask, “How do I like to feel?” OR “How do I want to feel?”

Mind you, we all like to be happy. So, the answer would always be – “I want/like to feel happy”

And that’s all… However bad a situation is and in whatever bad way people respond to you, you choose to be happy. Life becomes a celebration!

I know this is not easy. But this is not impossible. When something bad happens choose to believe that something good will follow. When loved ones hurt you, choose to think about the good times you had with them. When someone hurts you, you choose to think about the loved ones in your life.

And, as a last resort, if there is nothing good to think about, just think about you. Ask are you happy? If the answer is no, tell yourself that you will never leave you. You may not believe me, but that simple five words would change the way you feel. Suddenly, you feel secure.

In short, never think you are unlucky… or you have no one in your life… or you are alone… or no one loves you… or everything is going wrong. Instead tell yourself the following three mantra. If possible tell this to yourself everyday (Or many times a day):
1.        I have no control over my life, situations or people’s response
2.      Regardless of what happens in life or how people respond, I will never leave myself. I am there for me!
3.       And I choose to be happy…! J

So let’s all CHOOSE to be happy!


  1. Your friend is a very smart person. I am also tying to teach my girls they should think before they make a choice.

    1. That would be the basic lesson for life and happiness..
      Thanks Lilith :)

  2. If you believe in law of karma,everything falls in place.Right from which family you are born in,almost all things are predestined except whether you choose dahi papdi over jal mudi or pizza over masala dosa. In major things they happen according to what we had sowed in the past janmas or even the present,good or bad.
    Having said that we can still develop the right attitude to be happy and keep trying for betterment of our lives though the outcome is already fixed.But that is no excuse for keeping quiet.
    I would add besides the attitude to accept things as they come,an unalterable faith in Supreme that He would take care of my needs.
    I liked your post.

    1. Thanks a lot sir....
      What you said is so true...
      I am a believer in destiny and fate... and I also believe that everything in life is pre-planned and we just have to act at our best!

  3. Americans say that in just 2 words - shxt happens.

  4. Loved the 3 mantras, it's just difficult to be so optimistic all the time

    1. It is... maybe such conscious reminders and attempts might keep us optimistic most of the times if not always I guess!

      Thanks Pooja :)

  5. it reminds me of a line from the punjabi song 'pataka guddi' from the movie Highway.

    It goes like 'maine to tere, tere utte chaddiyaan doriyyan' that means 'I have given the strings of my fate to my God' and that is a way to live without unnecessary burdens pesting us night and day.

    Nice post :)

    1. I know the song by-heart... I can sing along... But, I didnt know what the lyrics meant...
      Thanks for sharing and for the insight :)

  6. After reading your post even I choose to be happy.may be because it broughta smile on to my face.loved it

    1. I am so very happy to hear that...
      Thanks Akshitha :)

  7. You really have thought about meaning of life Locamaente:)
    i read what you say and leave my mind freeYou know..working class heroes dont have time to think about life so much..We work.Pay bills.Comfort our children..Sleep..and is happy!Happy because we have food on our plate..

    i have stopped thinking about my own happiness many years ago..what matters to me..Is others happiness..What can I do to help?and then the law of carma gives me great satisfaction.Simpicity of life gives the ego of the mind great relief)Wish you a happy day sunshine!

    Greetings from Rainy Norway!

    1. Thanks a lot for the perspective Anita...
      And for the comments :)

  8. Good thoughts here. :)
    Makes me remember -"Happiness is something you can only pursue but can never have it" from The Pursuit of Happyness.

  9. Hello, this is a very interesting post. Everyone will have something to write about.

    It is true that our life is made up of choices we make. Our situation in life depends on the kind of choices we make. If we make good choices we will be happy and successful. If we make bad choices we will be failures and depressed. So making good choices is important in our lives. It is reasonable to understand however careful we are, we will still make some bad choices. But as long as our good choices are more than bad choices we will have a fairly good life.
    Some choices we make on impulse, some on careful consideration, some at the persuasion of others and some choices we may make imitating our peers and heroes. Choices are choices whether good or bad.
    Saying that our life is already preplanned is one way of looking at it. This also gives us some consolation when we make bad choices.

    Here is a quote which says - EITHER I WILL FIND A WAY OR MAKE ONE..This probably means that you are the MASTER OF YOUR FATE. This thought gives us courage and confidence to get out of a bad choice and replace it with a good one. Perhaps this idea conflicts with your way of thinking. Any way, I am just sharing my thoughts.I am sure you will have your own views on this.
    Best wishes

    1. As you said, to think that I will make my way boosts your confidence. But, if things doesn't happen as per one's wish or in our way, it could shatter. On the other hand, succumbing to fate while working towards our dreams will make you stronger. For example, you wish to clear an exam. You study hard. Prepare well. For some reason, you fail or you are unable to take the exam. Here you have 2 options... to feel bad or to evolve. I said exam because we all would have gone through such a phase for sure.

      In any case, really the perspective and insight.

      Thanks sir!!!

  10. Those three reminders are a great way to live :)

  11. The uncertainties in life is what makes life worth living. imagine if one knew beforehand . Hell it will be hell, and we would live miserably.
    I also feel that to attribute supernatural aura to uncertainty is rather naive. Don't you see?

    1. I don't know of it is naive or not. But, I strongly believe that our life is beyond ourselves...
      Thanks for the insight!

  12. If everything is pre-planned, our reactions (happy or sad) will also be pre-planned?

    I think we should find out who is doing this match fixing (using some advanced technology or something) and bribe them to re-fix it in our favor ;)

    Destination Infinity

    1. I believe in that also... Our reactions are pre-planned too...
      I liked your idea... I wish that I learnt Science :)
      Thanks :)