Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Health and Happiness

“Happy birth (cough) day to you… (cough) Happy birthday to (cough) you… Happy birthday (cough) dear Chinku… Happy (cough) birthday (cough) to (cough) you”, sang Monu along with other friends.

Chinku and Monu were the best friends; almost twins like. They were neighbors and went to the same Pre-Nursery school. They always dressed in identical clothes or similar colors. They were so close to each other that many people thought that they were brothers! Their chubby cheeks, fair skin, round face and jet black hair further made them look related.

The only difference between them was their health. Chinku was a naughty and healthy kid whereas Monu was silent and sober. Monu was easily prone to cold and cough.

Unlike other parents who scared to let their little ones play with Monu for the fear of infection, Chinku’s parents were different. “Come on, we don’t isolate family members if they are unwell”, they used to say.

Monu went into a coughing fit when Chinku tried to feed him a piece of cake. Monu looked terrible with running nose and teary eyes.

Monu’s parents were worried than ever. They had taken Monu to several pediatricians. They had asked to feed him with eggs and cod-liver pills. In spite of being pure vegetarians, they agreed.

Monu’s parents bought eggs and struggled to make something edible out of it. Most of the times, the eggs would break and its pungent smell would make them puke. Yet, they tried.

Poor Monu on the other hand, hated it. He would never eat. They tried different varieties but little Monu refused to eat.

“Mama, what is this?” Monu asked when he was given with cod-liver pills for the first time.

“Gems beta”, she lied.

“Then, why there is a fish there” asked Monu pointing at the fish’s image in the bottle. “I can’t eat fish. I love Bunty and Bublee”, he started crying. Bunty and Bublee was a pair of golden fish they had at home. Monu used to spend hours in front of the glass pot and talk to the fishes.

“No beta. This is not Bunty and Bublee. They are in the pot. See…” his mother tried to make Monu understand.

“No… This is not Bunty and Bublee. This is their friends. Their friends are my friends”, cried Monu until his mother threw the bottle in the dustbin and did “mother promise(d)” not to buy fish gems again.

“I am so sorry Pinky. I should not have let Monu participate in the birthday party. I don’t know why he is always unwell”, apologized Monu’s mother to Chinku’s mother.

Arey Meetha, no need to apologise and all. Monu is also our son only. Do you give him Dabur Chyawanprash?” asked Pinky.


“I think that is the solution to Monu’s problems. I was telling my mother about Monu’s health condition. She only suggested Chyawanprash. You won’t believe if I say that my mother takes that even today”

“I have also had that as a kid. I don’t know why I didn’t think about it”, Meetha said.

Lo, stop worrying about Monu and have this cake. We can go and buy a bottle each for Chinku and Monu tomorrow”, Pinky said as she handed over a piece of cake to Meetha.

“Sure. You know what Pinky. A happy home is made by healthy children. I realized it today”, said Meetha and nibbled the cake.

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  1. Monu's predicaments were similar to mine except that Dabur didn't do the trick for me :P

  2. Point nicely conveyed, Loco!
    Bunty & Bublee are cool!

  3. What you have highlighted here is a problem with many especially in rains.Nicely conveyed. You will get a reward from 'Chyavanaprasam' company,Loco.

    1. Thanks a lot Rudra for your comments and wishes :)

  4. :) :) "Monu’s parents were worried than ever. They had taken Chinku to several pediatricians. They had asked to feed Monu with eggs and cod-liver pills. In spite of being pure vegetarians, they agreed. "
    Why did Chinku being treated for monu's sickness ?