Saturday, 8 November 2014


Some people astound us. They make us wonder how wrongly we judge people. Perception is a very misleading factor. We perceive people in certain ways based on their looks, the way they speak, dress, qualification, upbringing, place and all that. And most of the time, our perception goes wrong.

What is the reason for it? May be we are taught and trained to think in certain ways.

à    A village belle will be shy and innocent.
àA single child will be possessive and cannot adapt to changing  circumstances.
à    Children of rich will be spoilt and they do not know the value for money.
à    Girls do not drink or smoke. If she drinks she will enjoy only Vodka.

And the list just goes and on...

I believe that perceptions are to be shattered. It is an assumption about people. We always see what others let us see. There can be more to them. Sometimes they might be exaggerating. In either case, we can’t judge instantly.

Talking to them and understanding their thought flow is a pre-requisite.

And beware! Perceptions defers!


  1. I really know someone we have to get to know them...and perhaps even see from their perspective....
    because otherwise what are we really basing our perceptions on...

  2. I agree, these prefixed notions can make us regret deeply sometimes

    (PS- there seems to be some bug or something in blogger for this is the 3rd time I am submitting my comment)

    1. I will see what that bug is... Thanks for letting me know for the comments :)

  3. Nice post. Another word for it is stereotyping. Most of the time perception is wrong.

    PS: So you don't drink vodka. what is your preference then? HaHaHa. (In India, I heard men don't drink wine. I like Merlot.)

    1. Lolzz!! This blog is not autobiography SG... ;)

      Thanks :)

  4. Is it perceptions that are wrong and incorrect, or the appearance that is deceptive?

    1. I think perception is wrong... More so when you have presumptions.