Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Truly Alive

He was trying his best to calm their two years old daughter. She was wailing and a pandemonium was in effect.

“My angel... My iris... My love... darling...” He continues to pamper her little daughter while trying to distract her with some toys. Yet she continued to cry.

“Ma... Ma...” She continued to repeat.

Did the time freeze, he wondered. Their daughter was sleeping peacefully and therefore his wife went alone to their neighbor’ house-warming. She should be here soon, he consoled himself.  He knew that he could walk to their neighbor’s home and ask his wife to handle her.

Yet his heart pricked. Am I not her father? Am I unworthy enough to take care of her?

He wiped her tears and said, “Appa is here... Baby don’t cry... Baby don’t cry...”

He sensed that she became suddenly calm and he saw her eyes finally becoming truly alive.
A smile also adorned her face.

Pleased with himself he turned towards the direction where their daughter was glancing...His wife was standing silently observing the spectacle...


  1. that's the real man! The complete man!

    I am reminded of that new ad :D

  2. Even a day old kid recognize his/her mother. When my kids were young, whenever we visited other people's home for any function, our kids will play with other kids and run all over their house. But every 5 minutes, they will make sure mom is there.

    1. Thats so true... They can also sense their mom's absence very fast...
      Thats the incredible bond between child and mother

  3. Ethan was an unexpected nice twist at the end.

  4. Oh I can so see his chagrin.......sometimes only a mama will do!!!! But they love their dads too.

    1. Of course they love their dads. And they would cry if father is not found.
      But, mother knows how to console better than anyone else I guess.

      Thanks Sherry :)