Thursday, 6 November 2014

Tu Tu Mein Mein - 17

Heart : I have decided.
Mind   : What is it now? (Sighs)
Heart : That I will not make decisions.
Mind   : WHAT? (!@#$%)
Heart : I have decided that I will not take any decisions anymore
Mind   : Why? (Confused)
Heart : Because you are a maverick. An autocrat. It’s always your way or no way.
Mind   : Good! (Irritated)
Heart : Look at your answers. Always single words or one liners.
Mind   : I am not like you.
Heart : I know you that hate me. (Sad)
Mind   : When did I say that?
Heart  : You don’t have to say anything. I can still understand everything. I am not a fool although you think so!!!
Mind   : Can you please spare the drama?
Heart : Yes. When I die
Mind   : OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. that was veryyy creative and true too!

  2. That was a strange dialogue a rare idea to have one. I read somewhere about a books in someones library talking to him and amongst themselves. Idea, authors in conversation.
    Reminds also of Woody Allen film,

    1. Books talking to someone and among themselves sounds interesting...

      Thanks Anil :)

  3. hahahah we all have such conversations...
    Interesting indeed!

  4. Heart generally wins. It emotionally blackmails the mind :P

    Destination Infinity