Saturday, 13 December 2014

Little Joys

Dear Sun was setting to rise in another part of the world.
Slowly, darkness was enveloping.

I looked around and saw several young couples walking hand in hand and, many old couples walking with a comfortable silence. There were families with naughty kids and, a few loners like me.

I wished that there was someone with me.

Then, my gaze rested on the two kids who were trying to make the perfect sand castle. Their innocence was so contagious that I forgot my loneliness.

May be I should be happy with the little joys that life throws, I concluded.


  1. Yes, happiness is relative.

    Destination Infinity

  2. very true, feeling little joys keeps sanity going in emotionally testing times :)

    Nicely written !

  3. Yes, it's true.

    Little joys +little joys+little joys== joyful life...♥♥

  4. Life's little joys are God's gifts to us.

  5. Indeed...why find sadness when happiness is all around.

  6. Indeed, that little joys. But it just a part of life that life throws at us.

  7. An oft repeated feeling when walking alone - especially by sea side

  8. you were not alone Satya since you spun the threads for a post and those threads provided you company.true little acts of joy also stop us there.

    1. Actually, this is a fiction.. Came in my mind when I saw a bunch of kids making sand castles...
      Thanks Rudra :)

  9. Small things add upto bigger things... And thats the way it is always