Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Soul Sante December 2014

his weekend, I had an opportunity to visit the famous “Soul Sante”. For those who don’t know about it, it is a flea bazaar where handmade products will be sold. Little stalls will be put up and it connects the buyers and sellers.

I read a lot about Soul Sante and was curious to experience it myself. “Sante” (pronounced as “San-thay”) means Market. It is also a place where there is fun, food and festivities. You name it, there was a stall for it. Clothes… Slippers… Bags… Shawls… Jewellery … Stationery… Decorative items… Quirky mobile phone covers and pouches… Paintings… And so on…The food varieties varied from Goan to Mexican… Mumbai-walla to Punjanbi…

The crowd was amazing too. There were several fashionistas wearing branded clothes, boots and bags. (Yes, Boots). People carried a Kingfisher beer can and drank openly… Pet doggies roamed around freely… Thick nicotine from cigarettes filled the air… Live music was on. Mostly English though. In short, it was so-not-like Bangalore. It felt like a different land!

There were so many different items… Sharing my evening at Soul Sante which I captured through my camera’s lenses…

The Soul Sante Map...

This is how huge it was!!!

Little Plants in Tiny Terracota Tea Cups...

Stole My Heart!


Dolls made out of paper...

Cutie Pies...!!!

Believe me... These are made of papers!!!


Funky Colors... Quirky Designs...

Look at the Roosters behind!!!

Are you sleeping or thinking?

Brilliant Paintings!

Hand Painted these are!

My craze for bikes made me fall in love with this red bike!

Vibrant Bags!

The Stage...

Live Performances by Different Bands...

The Lights that Enlightened the Soul

Shops and Crowd at a Glance...

These are made of Buttons... 

Yes, Really!!!

And, I bought these… From left to right

A Kathakali printed stole… Wooden Fridge Magnets… Neckpiece made out of clothes!


  1. I am glad you had a great time. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

  2. The button art and the mini flower pots look cool.

    Destination Infinity

    1. I was awed looking at them...
      They look so doable!
      Thanks a lot :)

  3. These are amazing Satya...
    That paper work & button art...& those paintings too...

    Thanks for sharing...:-P

  4. sounds like a great place to hang out

  5. Everything look amazing, where was this held?