Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Gift!!!

Thank You!!!

“The best gifts come from the heart, not the store.”
― Sarah Dessen, Lock and Key

And, when I got this gift… I was in cloud nine… Dancing and singing… Giggling and celebrating! All thanks to my dear blog friend, Akshitha. She gave me the “Versatile Blogger” tag!!!

With my birthday round the corner (This is the first gift for the year), I can’t ask for more….

Thanks Akshitha…
I am pleased to receive this from you…!!!
We know each other only recently.
But, we have connected to each other’s blogs at a very personal levels.
Thanks for the comments J
They have always motivated me to write more!

She asked a few interesting questions. Sharing my answers with you all!

1.       What do you like more? Kolam or mehendi design?

2.       What is the secret behind your blog posting time? (You usually post at 12:00am, koi secret)
Actually, I schedule most of my posts one month ahead (Thanks to my professional obligations!) So, I thought it would be great if a post is ready when a new day begins. (And, I have already scheduled half of the posts for January, 2015) I have to tell you that it was quite an observation!

3.       Your name is Satya… which means do u never speak lies?
I don’t lie when I say my name! :P
Well, I am very good with lies and I can say that convincingly.

4.      Name a blogger of whom you’re jealous? Why?
There are many. But, to name just one… May be Red Handed - for the sheer number of comments she attracts. I am still get in numbers that can be counted with fingers!

5.       What is the color of your tooth brush?

6.      Besides versatile tell me some other single word which describes you the best.
After blogging on a daily basis for three years, this blog has become a part of my identity too. So, Locomente” should be the word to describe me J

7.       When is your birthday?
8th December (Blog’s is 26th October)
And you gave me the first and perfect birthday gift!


  1. Our birthdays are close and that's a lot of planning on posting time.

    Congratulations on the award :)

  2. i read your responses over at her place....
    blows my mind, those of you that schedule posts so far in advance...ha...
    i am day by day

    happy early birthday....

    1. I also started by posting on a daily basis.
      Over the years, I have developed this habit.

      Thanks Brian :)

  3. Congratulations on winning this award. You deserve it. Advance Happy Birthday wishes.

  4. You really deserve it satya,,
    Congrats & advance happy birthday too..:-P

    1. Thanks for the gift, wishes and comments Akshitha :)

  5. congrats! ur b'day is coming! i love ur kolams :)

  6. Congrats on versatile award satya
    I don't think u shud b jealous in anyway.every blogger is unique and versatile in his own way
    thanks for dropping by my post

  7. Congrats n birthday wishes in advance..
    :) dont lie about convincing lies.. :)
    now fast, *spin* a convincing lie :)

    1. How can I tell you beforehand that I am lying!?
      Thanks :)

    2. :) Dont say that but a story we all knw that its lie :)

      Hope u had a great celebration.. But where is our treat ? At least, a glass of paalpaayasam / paalada prathaman, chakka prathaman etc..

    3. Celebrations at home... I had a glass of paayasam on all of yours behalf!

  8. Congrats satya you truly deserve this award :) and advance happy birthday too dear :)