Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Creative Pulli Kolam

This is a pulli kolam, i.e. kolam with dots.
I have tried to be creative here too.

And I hope that you like it J


  1. I could never manage even a straight line with the powder, only slightly better with the paste. And you tell me you made this. Wow. I feel unaccomplished.

    1. I feel flattered... Thanks a lot...
      Practice makes anything possible...
      So, I think that you should be able to make integrate patterns soon because you know to use paste!

  2. Really creative, Satya 😊
    Love the designs.
    We make it in Odisha too during special occasions like Lakshmi Puja etc. It is called Jhoti here.

    Congrats for clearing the CA exams! My dad is a CA too :)

    1. Thanks Anita - For comments and the infomation.
      Between, I am a CA for almost four years now... Yet, thanks for the wishes...
      Nice to know that your dad is a CA too!!! :)

  3. To me, this looks devine. The black slab looks as an ideal backdrop and enhances the ethnic beauty of the kolam, fabulous, Satya!

    1. Thanks a lot Padmaja..
      And, this is not slab. It is just a tar road.
      They converted our agraharam into heritage village. And, demolished all the kolam slabs some years before.