Saturday, 3 January 2015

During Sunset...

he Sun was setting in the horizon. The sky was going through a shade of blue to crimson and orange until it let darkness to take over it. I have been watching this spectacle all my life. But, every evening, I felt excited to witness it again.

There were crowds of people around me. Some were frantically capturing the scene through their camera lenses and some through their optic nerves.

Lovers held their hands together and looked bewitched in the serenity that sunset spread. Their eyes shimmered with love and made several promises to each other.

Old people walked across the beach, their daily routine unhindered by the scenic beauty or the cacophony.

Some children ran around or giggled, and some immersed themselves into nibbling ice creams.

But, I was still alone.

I was waiting for someone to accompany me. I was ready to share my space and befriend them. I looked around. Most of my friends already had many people. Some were chattering excitedly and some others were lost in their world.

Yet, I was alone. I missed laughter and chattering of people. There was noise around me, yet silence all over me.

Then, I heard a croaking sound. It was a green frog. It had just jumped over me and sat over me. I felt better. I am not alone anymore, I cheered up.

After all, I am a chair and my duty is let any living creature a place to rest.


  1. well written! i liked the suspence in the end!

  2. That's cute...unexpected twist at the end..!!!

  3. I relate to this post one hundred percent because I made a painting expressing the very same thoughts:-) long back.

    1. Wow! Thats really nice to know.. Is that painting in your blog?