Friday, 2 January 2015

Good Old Habits

Old habits die hard” is an age-old idiom which we all have heard at least once in our lifetime so far. And, I have to tell you that old habits can drive us really crazy. They chase like a mad dog and present us to the onlookers as stupid persons.

In our house, the shelf containing combs was placed near the dresser for more than a decade. But, owing to my idea, we relocated it into a drawer. It’s over a year now. Yet, I shudder even today wondering where the combs have suddenly disappeared!

As a student, I always used to greet my teachers with “Good morning” or “Good afternoon” or “Good evening” as the case may be. I was so obsessed with these words that I used to repeat as many times as I meet them. No, I am not kidding. As I grew up and went to college from school, I carried the habit with me. Today, it is almost a decade since my “class-going” education got over. Yet, when I see them in person accidentally, I nod and greet them with those magical words. At that time, I feel as if I am transported to the days of two braids and uniforms.

Now tell me, do you have such (weird) habits too? Those which makes you smile?


  1. I have that habit too! Though it's mostly restricted to wishing my teachers. I think that's one habit that you should be proud of :)

    1. I am proud.. Nice to know that you have that habit too...

  2. Ever since I remember I sleep on the left side of the bed, where ever I am... otherwise it feels weird
    Old habits become part of our life. And you are right if something has been there for a decade then our hands automatically reach for that place only! Even though we know that, that thing is not there anymore :D
    Like the switchboard in my room, the light switch was changed an year ago but still I switch on the original one :D

    1. Old habits die hard...
      Thanks for sharing Rupasi :)