Thursday, 15 January 2015

Lessons Learned #1

Only forteen days has passed since the dawn of New Year, yet it has taught me some lessons in the hardest ways possible.

So here I am presenting the lessons that I learnt!

ü  Cough lasts for 15 days L
I was coughing when crackers were burst inviting a New Year. Slowly, I am recovering and feeling relieved.

I went to doctor because I was scared that I had some serious disease. I have finished at least two bottles of cough syrup – but no use. A dozen of paracetamol swallowed. Finally, I have become wiser if not healthier. Cough takes its own sweet time to fade. It is also like cold. Vapor-rubs and lozenges is temporal.

The coughing ordeal can make you hopelessly fragile and week. It doesn’t let you talk to anyone. Coughing fit can make you wish that you were spared such torture. Even stomach starts aching! At night time, you cough like you are possessed.

I am in USA for a week now. Funnily, (read as thankfully) I cough all through the day – Remember USA’s daytime is India’s night! 

ü  When you cook, you multi-task as well J
If you think that USA is a luxury unlike India, you are wrong. USA follows self-service. Imagine, the hotel we stay has a kitchen attached to it. I wake up hungry and wish that somebody is ready with hot coffee (Okay, tea is also manageable) when I finish brushing.

In India, I enjoy the luxury of mother, nice vegetarian restaurants and my dear PG (although it serves bad food). But in the USA, I cook myself.

And, note that I am cooking for the second time in life – so extensively and elaborately. And, most of my non-working hours is spent in the following:

·         What to cook? Planning the menu.
·         Learning the recipe
·         Analyze what is available
·         Cleaning vessels
·         Cutting vegetables

Please note that, I am cooking ONLY for myself and still it eats up so much of my time. I can’t imagine what a tough life my mother must be having – cooking for most of her life… for the entire family!

Amazingly, we have always heard that women multi-task. Now, I have experienced myself why they do! Cooking is not the only thing women do and cooking needs lots of time, not necessarily attention. So when rice is boiled, you can press clothes. When water is boiling, you can brush tooth. As one item is cooked, you can cut the veggies. You can clean room, fold clothes and WhatsApp and what not?

You can’t read books though. Malala is still staring at me. Long time since I started with “I am Malala”.

Well, all I can say is that lessons learnt and imbibed in heart!

PS: This post is dedicated to my dear mother who is celebrating her birthday today.

Happy Birthday ammaji!!! J


  1. That is sweet Satya!Cooking with passion and love makes a difference than just cooking and mothers are known for that, I am one and I have one too :-)

    1. I completely agree with this...
      When the purpose is only to quench hunger, boredom and monotony hits, I guess.

      Thanks :)

  2. I too tried cooking a few years back and took 1.5 hours to keep rasam. Due to such a inefficiency, I stopped :)

    Destination Infinity

    1. This reminds me of my rasam debacle too... I tried my first on Sunday...
      And it tasted like a water dissolved in chilly powder!!!!

  3. very nic. ...even i realize the value of cooking now when left alone !

    1. I am left alone too... with no other options but cook...
      I think most of us learn cooking that way :P

      Thanks Shilpa :)

  4. If you have cough, if you take medicine it will go away in 2 weeks. If you don't take any medicine, it will go away in 14 days. You were in Dallas recently. Again in USA? Cool. Which city you are in? Just curious.

    Please convey my happy birthday wishes to your mom.

    1. This remedy reminds me of what my aunt said when I called her and tried to talk with intermittent coughs...
      And, I am in Plano, Texas this time... For two weeks... :)

      I shall surely convey my wishes to my mum :)

  5. i am not so fond of cooking. I am having persistent cough that just refuses to go and I an pushing tablets and cough syrups down my is so damn irritating.

    Happy birthday to your mother!

    1. I am not fond of cooking too Anita.. But, when cooking is the only option to feed the hungry-me... I cant help it :(
      This cough has become contagious I guess... Almost everyone is coughing. Take care!

      And, I shall convey my wishes to my mother :)

  6. Belated happy birthday dear to ua mom..♥
    Hope 2015 gives u all the happiness & success u wish....:-P

    1. Thanks a lot...
      Shall pass on your wishes to my mum!