Tuesday, 3 February 2015

10Ps of Cooking

If you have read read/studied Management theories, you would be familiar with Ps and Ms. For example 4Ps of Marketing – price, product, promotion, and place… 4Ms of Production – Men, Machine, Money and Materials…. And so many more.

In similar lines, I have developed 10Ps of Cooking. Presenting them to you:
(Not necessarily in the same order)
1.  Plan
To begin or accomplish anything there must be a well-laid out plan. We must have a final goal and a vision about what we want and how we would like it to taste. There must be a recipe.

2.  Products
Once the idea is developed, we must check and ensure that we have all the essential ingredients. From cooking oil to spices to vegetables, it must all be ready in the right quantity and at the right time.

3.  People
By people, I mean those who cook and eat. It need not necessarily mean different persons though.

4.  Prepare
Once the recipe, necessary ingredients and the people are there, the next step is to jump into action - Start the preparations for the mouthwatering dish!

5.  Prudence
Cooking is an art and not a science. There can be recipes which might give you measurements from ounces to pinches to what not. But, practically, it requires lots of prudence. It is

6.  Patience
Now, this is a pre-requisite. Cooking is no child’s job and requires lots of patience. Always remember that cooking takes its own sweet time and you cannot hurry anything.  If you do, the output would be a disaster. The vessels might get greased badly. There can be several other worst case scenarios. But I am not going to list them down and scare you!

7.  Persistence
Persistence goes hand in hand with patience. Sometimes, the food might not taste as you had planned. But, such mishaps must never deter you. Always remember that perfection comes with persistence.

8.  Passion
Well, this is fundamental for anything that you do. Cooking is no exception. Love what you do. Enjoy and be proud. Be confident and believe in yourself.

9.  Praise
Rewards, appreciation and recognition is considered to be an important factor in professional life. Culinary skills is no different from any qualified and it is very important that the person who cooks is duly praised. A few good words will not cost anything. In the case of self-cooking, pat your back, give little gifts, and be proud!!!

     Practice makes man perfect. Never ever give up!!!

Happy cooking folks J
Have a great time!!!


  1. Exhaustive Ps.I tried in vain to think of another P.Good job!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful guidance,

  3. May be now I have the courage to go to the kitchen and attempt cooking.
    Good one!

  4. I think point No 1 & 8 are the critical ones :-)

    1. Yes. Without which all others Ps become meaningless

  5. Hello from your newest follower. Your 10 Ps of Cooking is right on! Perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Interesting 'P's! They are apt for any 'art' :)

  7. Replies
    1. Lolz... It will follow...
      Hard work will always be rewarded:)

  8. Hello, greetings and good wishes.

    Excellent tips for novices like me. This will be very useful when I am cooking.

    Your last point==== Practice makes man perfect. Never ever give up!!! =====made me laugh because it looked like you were targeting men like me who don't know how to cook. I don't think I am such a bad cook but the only problem with my cooking is that no one in the house will eat what I have cooked. Now after reading your step by step method I am sure to become a better cook.

    I am sure you would also know about KAIZEN 5S.

    Best wishes.

    1. Come on sir... This not just for men... but for all the women too...
      Rather, this is dedicated to everyone who enjoy eating!

      And, I knew about KAIZEN. But not that 5Ss...

      Thanks :)

  9. t'was really a great list...i'm not an expert at cooking,,i just hope that this tips makes it a little easy for me...

    1. I am not an expert too..
      But then, there has to be a beginning na!
      Thanks Akshu :)

  10. One or two P's more.Plate-the serving plate should be neat and pretty. Purity- Veg. and fruit should be washed off the pesticides.Very nice and useful tips,Satya,it seems you cook relishing items.

    1. Ah! How did I miss that?
      I have just started cooking and I am liking the experience (and the taste)
      Thanks Rudra :)

  11. haha i thought of plating or presentation, after all, visual appeal is a must :P

  12. You can think of starting 'Institute of Cooking Management' :p

    1. That would be fun!
      Will you be my first student :P

  13. The most important P - palate! Food must and should appeal to the palate. Surkuma sollanu na, it must be tasty :D