Thursday, 5 February 2015

Dreams Don't Lie

From the book blurb
Wasim works as a software engineer in Mumbai, India. He repeatedly gets a dream in which he sees a terrified lady with blood stained clothes, running with her baby in the arms. Wasim then sees the lady get stabbed repeatedly by someone who has been following her. Neha, his colleague and good friend in office, harbors romantic feelings for Wasim.

Inadvertently, Wasim gets involved with a group which claims itself to be a modern day version of Robin Hood and gang. Wasim develops an interest in the group, and before long, he gets inducted into this group. Wasim is astounded to run into his father during one assignment and before he could gather his wits, he witnesses his father getting killed.

Wasim feels devastated and angry and goes to meet Kranti, one of the leaders of the group to find out the suspense and reveal the truth behind his father's murder. Eventually, the group's head Vikram reveals shocking truth about Wasim's background. Wasim's real name is Shiv Dayanand and he is the heir to the business conglomerate 'The Kailash Group'. In addition Vikram accuses Wasim's adoptive father of killing his real parents. The sudden revelations stun Wasim/Shiv and he decides to travel to his birth place, Shanpur to solve the murder mystery.

Shiv comes across his father Aditya's personal and secret diary and is startled to find out from the diary that his father was a vigilante - and a serial killer and the lady in his dreams is none other than his mother Anjali.

Enter the dangerous and deadly underworld ruling Dodi brothers who had a hand in the murder of Shiv's parents and seek vengeance and want Shiv dead.

In a surprising turn of events Shiv meets Mr.Ramachandra who stuns Shiv by telling him that his mother Anjali was a special person and had precognitive powers and he himself has an ability of finding out the paranormal powers in people. Mr.Ramachandra hints Shiv that Shiv too has some special abilities.

Would his mother's dream and paranormal powers guide him? Was his father's thirst for killing responsible for the death of his parents'? Why did the ruthless Dodi brothers seek vengeance? Will he find out the black sheep among the Dayanands?? Will he realise his power as Mr.Ramachandra told him? Will he finally save Neha and confess his love for her? Will Shiv uncover the truth and take over his rightful place at the helm of 'The Kailash Group'?

Anusuya M is passionate about writing and by profession an engineer. Having spent most of her life in the Spiritual city Tiruchirapalli she traveled to metros and learnt to appreciate the wonders of small and big cities. Dreams don't lie is the first book which is set in Mumbai and the fictional city Shanpur.

What if all our dreams had a meaning? Dreams don't lie is based on the dreams a son has of his mother with a spurt and essence of mystery,thriller,paranormal and spirituality added.

Currently Anusuya lives in Mumbai and continues to write and dream and live out her passion.

She loves to read genres from mystery, thriller, spiritual to romance.

What I think
The book’s title sounds affirmative and kindles reader’s interest. The cover page has a man displaying his bare shoulders presumably looking at a palatial building. The yellow and black color combination adds an element of mystery. An elaborate summary tells the potential readers that the plot is something different and promises to deliver lots of twists and turns.

Thankfully, the book delivers what it promises. The storyline is very different and flows with ease. The maturity, uncertainty, love, hatred, confusion, desire for vengeance and helplessness of Wasim aka Shiv is well-described.

The story begins with frightening images. You let out a sigh of relief that it was just a dream. Should I say nightmare? And, as the way author has connected the dream during different points is brilliant.

It is really tough to maintain an element of surprise and retain reader’s anxiety. The author has done a great job in that. The climax comes as a surprise and that twist adds to the charm.

And, it ends with yet another dream of Wasim/Shiv. Aha! Do I smell a sequel there? Yuppie! Excited…

The book blurb must be concise and must ignite reader’s interest. It must not be like a summary giving away most of the plot. Also, no potential reader will be interested in reading a lengthy passage!

The plot is very different and interesting. I don’t have second opinion on that. However, the language is very bad. There are lots of grammar errors and some typos. Also, sentence formation is poor.  What did the editor do?

I don’t understand why Wasim/Shiv didn’t read the diary in one go and reads over a period of time. To drag the story?

And, it’s an E-book. So, the same old drawback of reaching masses. E-Book is still taking its baby steps and yet to reach wider audience. In spite of having a string storyline, the book might not be known to all.

Should you read it?

It’s an E-book with around 250 pages and an assured page-turner. It is thoughtfully priced at INR62 (Buy Here) and gives more value addition to the money spent than you could ever imagine.

Enjoy this out-of-the world thriller!


Thank you
All thanks to the author for directly contacting me and giving away a copy for review.
All the best to you. May the journey as author be a delightful one!


  1. the plot seems to be very interesting! two identities and a confusing life..I like the plot! will get it :)

  2. Thanks for the nice review. I will read this one

  3. that really sounds interesting...thanks for sharing dear,..
    will give it a try if possible...!!!!

  4. It's a shame that the book has grammar and typo errors. It sounds like it needed a good editing.

  5. Looks good, Satya!
    Mystery stories are nice to read!