Sunday, 1 February 2015

Lessons Learnt #2

Ouch! Its second month already… 2015 is not-so New Year anymore!

And, I would like to share the lessons I learnt in the last 15-16 days.

·         Vegetarian food means NOT vegetables
Vegetarian refers to a person who does not eat meat. In order to avoid any further confusions, I would also like to throw light on what meat means –the flesh of an animal used as food. Alright!

International flights (not all) and foreign countries (many of them) take don’t understand what vegetarian means. In fact, they have vegetarian menu which includes food made of vegetarian fish/chicken. Are you serious?

And most importantly, vegetarian means food made of vegetables. You know, we expect such vegetables to be cooked and expect some flavors to it. Mere cabbage leaves, raw onions, carrots and broccoli is not vegetable.

Most importantly, most of the vegetarians don’t prefer mushroom. Many of them don’t like the paneer due to its meaty texture. And, mostly egg is not considered as vegetarian.

So peoples, respect vegetarians. Treat them as normal fellow human beings.

·         Driving is frustrating
In India, driving can be really frustrating. If you ride a two-wheeler like me, it can be even worse – a nightmare!
o   Some people turn on their right indicator and turn left, vice versa. Some others, (the brilliant ones) will not even switch on indicator and take a free turn!  
o   Honking is a way of life and it is religiously followed. They honk. Honk and honk! They honk when red light is till on… when they are just bored of driving… when they want to have fun while driving… But, they DON’T honk when needed! They honk so much that people don’t take it seriously even when they honk in need!
o   A few hits, dents and scratches is an inevitable part of driving. You might be following all the traffic rules. But, not everyone. So such instances are bound to happen.
o   Above all, your vehicle is just a vehicle. Don’t attach any of your emotions with it.

My dear lovely readers, I know that I have been very bad at visiting you guys. Vacations, illness and travel kept me away from blogosphere. I shall be better this month. I swear!

Have a great February!

Let love linger around you… J


  1. You should tell people you are Vegan, and hence you don't eat milk/diary products in addition to meat. Or better, you tell them you are a RAW VEGAN (eat only raw vegetables, without cooking them). And then see the reaction in people's faces :P

    Destination Infinity

  2. Although I'm not vegetarian myself, I find it odd how someone would consider fish/chicken as being vegetarian!

    Get well soon :)

  3. Above all, your vehicle is just a vehicle. Don’t attach any of your emotions with it.

    I so want to agree with this, but, emotions are emotions! It really hurts to see any damage to my vehicle! Only until there is another fresh one to replace it. :/

  4. That traffic part was really interesting, especially the honking point.

  5. Food for both counts.

  6. Problem arises only in planes when you travel abroad.The fare is poor whether AVML or Hindu Vegetarian.In restaurants you can choose what you wish.
    I have a grouse against two wheelers.they think the whole road belongs to them and drive their rickety vehicles on the centre of the road at slow speed and turning from one left and right as it plaeses them..They should be confined to a dedicated path at the periphery of the road.

  7. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    Very interesting post.

    In one hotel in Kochi Egg Burgi comes under vegetarian dishes.

    In Kochi riding is a nightmare. People overtake from the right from the left and cut across right in front. They blow the horn where it is not necessary and don't blow the horn where it is necessary. The bus drivers will come right behind you and horn loudly to make you get out of the way. The two wheelers will ride on foot paths when there is a traffic jam and make pedestrians run for safety.

    Best wishes

  8. the header looks nice! and yes, driving in India is damn frustrating. hahah! i did not know this funny fact about vegetarian food!!

  9. We have been served non vegetarian vegetarian good many times, just keep your nose and eyes open is my philosophy!