Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Rapescars... They Never Heal

From the book blurb
A girl is raped! Her parents insist to report. Police tries to scuttle the case. Her fathers influence works! Doctor, the fourth man, sees her bare. The defense lawyer encounters with obnoxious questions. As if, she had inveigled the innocent boys. As if, shes the one accused and her violators are seeking justice against her. She feels & experiences being raped in public again. Her lawyer manages to seek conviction! Akriti wins the case but refuses her culprit to have imprisonment.

Why does she do this?
What does she decide then?
Is this the decision of her or raped mind?

Rape Scars is the voice of a rape survivor who thrives to stand against the violation of her persona.

Gaurav Sharma, a Mathematics teacher by profession and a writer by passion. His first novel is ‘LOVE @ AIR FORCE’ which is a bildungsroman literary novel, brought out by Blackbuck Publications.

He also contributed a poem in ‘THE ESSENCE OF ETERNAL HAPPINESS’ which is a collection of poems from 29 poets from six countries.

Lunacy for his dreams, he claims, has helped him being a published writer. As a writer, he doesn’t want to be just a storyteller but yearns to create a stir.

He can be contacted at, gauravinfinity2009@gmail.com

Akriti is like any other girl who is in her late teens. She dreams of love, perfect lover, happily ever after, marriage, kids, oldage and death in the arms of loved ones. She wears modern clothes, yet has a traditional mindset. She is proud about love and at the same time, scared how her family and society react to it. She trusts the man of her dreams blindly and believes that no harm would reach her if she is protected in his arms. She weaves dreams and hopes until it is torn by a thoughtfully laid out plan.

What I think
The book’s title is blatant and draws the attention of potential reader. The cover page has the sketch of a woman whose face bears scars and eyes tears. It will surely make the reader pick up the book with trembling hands. The book blurb is intriguing and arouses reader’s interest.

Rape is a hot topic since time immemorial. Sadly, it continues to remain so in spite of better quality of life and education. Girl is still blamed for it and men escape accusations in her shadow. She is blamed for the clothes she wears, for talking to boys, for pursuing higher education, for not marrying at the right age, for travelling alone and so on! However, there is no explanation for why a child as old as two-three years is raped!

This books shamelessly talks about extra-marital affair. It explains how lusty (Or is it sadistic) men can be and what lust can make them do. It heart-wrenchingly explains how a woman is looked down and treated when she is raped. Surprisingly, it gives a nice picture of how her parents/siblings feel and what they undergo.

The narrative flows with ease and the simplicity in the language ensures that the emotion touches your heart. The journey of Akriti with her love Raman is nicely elaborated. It lets us understand her feelings and empathize with her stance.
In short, this is a tiny book and will surely leave a lasting impact in you.

The book has a shocking end and a wiser last note. I wish the climax was different; bolder.
There are some typos L

Should you read it?
It draws a realistic picture of the sufferings of rape survivors. It will hit you on your face and forces you to treat them like any normal human being.

Go for it!


Thank you
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  1. The worst is when even the family is against the girl! That just makes it horrific :-(

  2. Nice review.One should react for the right action to be taken against the culprits.

    1. Really... Mere imprisonment or penalty is not the solution!