Tuesday, 24 March 2015

100 Days of Love

Dulquer Salmaan, Nithya Menen, Sekhar Menon,
Praveena, Vineeth
Rahul Madhav and Aju Varghese
Jenuse Mohamed
Songs: Govind Menon
Background Score: Bijibal
K. V. Vijayakumar
Release Date
March 20, 2015
2 Hour and 35 Minutes

My Thoughts
The movie begins with Balan K Nair aka BKN (Dulquer Salmaan) narrating his 100 days of love. The story takes place in Bengaluru and revolves around BKN’s friends, family, profession and life in general.

The narrative hits you like a gush of fresh air carrying mesmerizing fragrance. Simple yet relatable dialogs makes this movie an interesting watch; less boring. Cinematographer has cast magic with his camera. Bangalore looks so serene and verdant – a pleasing sight to all the Bangaloreans because we are more used to traffic, crowd and squeezed places! The background music is perfect and makes the scenes look more interesting. Songs are not so great. In fact the climax song was misplaced.

Dulquer Salmaan as BKN is at his ease. An aspiring cartoonist who us tagged as loser all his life. He is creative and passionate about what he does. He also strongly believes in himself and struggles to remain original without following the crowd. He calls himself villain and his character is devoid of heroism, thereby making him look so like you and me.

Nithya Menen as Sheela looks fresh and charming. She comes across as a ptractical girl who knows exactly what she wants in life. I loved the way she speaks Malayalam in the film – not so fluently and not so clearly – the way Malayalis born and brought up outside Kerala would!

Vineeth and Praveena as Nithya’s parants are progressive and let their daughter take decisions affecting her life. They are accommodating and understanding. They have had a love marriage and takes all the possible efforts to keep that romance and love intact.

Sekhar Menon as Umar is a show stealer. His mannerisms, dialog delivery and comic timing is impeccable. He is so natural and real! His transformation towards the end re-emphasizes the need to grow up and take up responsibilities that life throws. The friendship between him and Dulquer is well-developed and established.

Aju Varghese as Romach Ramakrishnan a nerd who believes that he make anything possible. I swear that we all would have come across a character like this in our school/college who feels self-important! And, Rahul Madhav as an arrogant and egoistic young achiever has done a good job.

To summarize, the movie is not only about love between a man and woman. It is also about relationships. It speaks about the need to have friends, understanding family and loving people around us. There are very few characters in the film. But, each one stays in our mind and contributes to the newness.

In short, 100 Days of Love is a cutie-sweetie love story that asks the current generation to throw away the fears and insecurities related to love and commitment. It asks to follow the heart and believe in the magic of love – a feeling that can change one’s life!



  1. I'm waiting for this movie to be released here! The trailer looked very promising.

  2. I haven't seen the film but I like the well written and crisp review emphasizing gently the good and not so good points.

    1. Thanks GP...
      It released last week only... And do you follow Malayalam?

  3. Nice review, Satya :) TC! keep smiling :)