Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Anti-Alaipayuthe Effect

Fifteen years before
Karthik and Shakthi fall in love at first sight. They realize that they cannot live apart from each other and decide to get married. But, parents oppose in the name of economic status. Love-stuck pair, elope and do register marriage. When their families come to know about the secret wedding, they throw the pair out of their house. The newly wed stay under the same roof. Soon, romance wears out and they start fighting until they realise the true meaning of love.

Yes! You have heard this story before and this is nothing but the gist of all-time romantic movies – Alaipayuthe. This released a good 15 years before on April 14, 2000 introducing the handsome hero R Madhavan who later stole every girl’s heart… who became the dream man of every teenager!

Two people will fall in love. They practically share everything. They remain in relationship for years together. Yet they also flirt with other men/women. Parents approve each other. Friends think that they are ideal pair. But, they are scared of commitment – they don’t want to get married!

This scenario which I always used to refer as “Anti-Alaipayuthe” scenario to my friends seems to be the subjectline of O Kadhal Kanmani (OK Kanmani). I am not sure. Just guessing!!!

The much awaited trailor of Mani Ratnam’s directorial venture was released on 1st March, 2015. When I watched it, I could not stop myself from thinking about Alaipayuthe and wondering how times has changed.

Aadhi and Tara meet in a wedding. They get along well and eventually fall in love. However, Aadhi says – “satyama naa kalyanam pannikka maatten” (I will not ever get married. Promise!). And, tada! The movie strikes a chord with the same generation who grew up watching Alaipayuthe and longed for such love.

Ironically, OK Kanmani is said to be a tribute to Alaipayuthe. I wonder how? Is this because Alaipayuthe kind of love will not happen in real life anymore? Do today’s generation scared of commitment and fear that marriage would curtail their independence?

In any case, PC Sreeram’s camera makes the movie look magical. AR Rahman’s beats look fresh. Dulquar and Nithya Menon who are teaming up after the success of Malayalam movies Ustad Hotel and Bangalore Days looks beautiful…

In short…
Tall and handsome hero.. Not so tall heroine with expressive eyes and wavy hair... Mani Ratnam direction... Alaipayuthe dialogs... trains and buses... feel of love n romance...
And those dialogs:
“Adikkadi ponnunga pinnaadi suthuvaya?”
"satyama naa kalyanam pannikka maattein"...
I CANNOT wait till April...
Is history gonna repeat after 15years?


  1. the plot reminded me of the Hindi movie 'Saathiya' starring Rani Mukherjee and Vivek Oberai! :)

    1. Saathiya is the remake of this Tamil movie Ankita :)

  2. The trailer, esp. the music, is very good. I don't think I'll watch it immediately after the release. But I may watch it later on. I am yet to see Kadal!

    Destination Infinity

    1. I think I will watch on 1st day... 1st show! Kadal was nt sooo gd

  3. I was thinking around the same lines too. I think I shall go and watch Alaipayuthey again :D Btw Ok Kanmani seems intriguing but there are a lot of resemblances to Alaipayuthey no? The train scene, the bike ride... Heck, I shall end up watching it either ways!

  4. Times have changed so have tastes! :)