Friday, 6 March 2015

Happy Baby!!!

t 25, her life looked perfect. Engineering degree from a top notch college, handful of salary, caring husband, and now, a baby! Tara thanked God for showering with so much happiness.

Motherhood is a sweet challenge. She was willing to take it up and win it by providing never ending love. Tara tracked progress of her baby and ensured that all the needs of the baby was taken care of.

On 11th day, naming ceremony was celebrated. Deciding the name for the baby was really challenging. If she liked something, her husband, Adi, liked something else. Her parents, in-laws, friends and neighbors suggested some name or the other – confusing her!

After lots of discussions, arguments, debates and what not, they decided a name for their angel – Hemanika. It sounded very sweet and tender.

Slowly, days passed. Hemanika started recognizing people and eventually, started crawling. Her smile always used to melt Tara’s heart.

Every evening, Tara started taking the baby to a park nearby. The greenery around and the serenity it gave was indescribable.

As days passed, the initial happiness that Tara used to feel was replaced by worry. Hemanika used to start wailing and used to become inconsolable whenever she was taken outside or someone visited home. At home, in the presence of Tara, she was an angel.

Family and friends expressed their concern.

“I think she has mood swings already”, Adi teased playfully.

“This is the problem with nuclear family. Children are not used to anyone else apart from their parents. And they are always within the constraints of four walls. That’s why they become paranoid when they go to a new place or meet new people”, said an old lady who was also their neighbor.

Every day, the old lady used to repeat the same thing again and again and Tara started growing anxious. She knew how well-behaved Hemanika was. She is also a very active baby who enjoyed playing. But, nobody believed that. Tara feared if she was missing to see what others were able to see.

Finally, she consulted the doctor. The doctor examined the baby. She asked Tara to explain the problem.

“Baby is very active and cheerful when she is with me or Adi at home. But, when we take her outside or when people come to visit us, she becomes moody after sometime. She starts crying and stops only when I take her to my room, change her clothes and let her be”, explained Tara.

“Do you use diaper when she is at home… with Adi or you?” asked the doctor.

“No. Only when we go out or someone comes”, said Tara.

“I see. I think that the baby is not very comfortable with the diaper you use. Most diapers only focus on being leak proof and therefore, ensure dryness only on the outside. But, the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants promises dryness for your baby on the inside. Its Magic Gel locks in moisture so that your baby’s skin remains dry and healthy for up to 12 hours. And a dry baby is a happy baby. So, why don’t you try it?” suggested the doctor.

Tara tried it and saw instant results.

“Time to throw a party!” said Tara laughingly to Adi.

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  1. i was looking for some twist at the end of what seemed an interesting story only to find it end up promoting a product !!

  2. Sweet :-) When a baby is happy the entire houseful feels joyous.

  3. I was imagining all sorts of reasons for her crying! Nicely advertised.

  4. Superb! This is the best one! I love it! The story is successful in keeping the suspense alive... A winning story...