Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Theory of Belief

or the past one week, a dying restlessness is hovering around me. “It’s never been like this”, says a feeble voice within. I reluctantly agree.

My life in blogosphere began a good old 3.5 years before. Since then, I have only had surplus posts. I used to write every day and schedule them a month in advance. Thus, last three years witnessed my obsession or is it addiction?

However, 2015 has been a spoiler. I don’t think I have written anything apart from movie/book review. No, it’s not the lack of idea. It’s the lack of time or should I rephrase and say ineffective time management?

The year certainly began in a high note. Don’t take me wrong. By “high”, I mean high temperature. I was down with fever! I have always believed that you will predominantly replicate what you do on 1st January. Today, I am doubtless about that theory. I slept on New Year and that is exactly what I have been doing for over two months now apart from regular office work!

So dear readers, I wanted to ask you – Do you believe in such things too?

Or am I the only crazy one?!


  1. Frankly I do not believe.These are just excuses for inaction !!!

  2. Suppose on the New Year Day, I had Vathalkuzhambu and Keerai Masiyal, and Sutta Appalam for lunch, does it mean I will have that every day of this year?

    You did not write just movie/book reviews only. You wrote very romantic poems/haiku and, sadly, most of them were blaming yourself.

  3. Hello Loco mente -- Your post here makes me want to go back and read all that you wrote in those first few years. I especially enjoy blogs written by one who has the ability to reflect on things like you are doing today. Honestly, I have not previously reflected on whether my days in a year replicate what I did on January 1. I will definitely enjoy giving it some thought. In the meantime, I hope you will write more on your reflections. John

  4. Someone told me what we do on our birthdays, we do it the entire year that follows. So every birthday, i try to sleep as much as possible :)

    Destination Infinity

  5. I firmly believe that where there is a will there is a way, this applied to different aspects of life, all together putting an end to lame excuses.

  6. Why something that happens only on the 1 st of Jan? Why not 2 nd Jan or 10 th March, 20 th August?

    1. May be cz its not beginning of a new year!