Saturday, 7 March 2015

When Sun Added Shades to Sky

Dear Sun always awes me…
His shades and the way he paints the sky!
It is more appealing when you are flying in the middle of clouds…
Thousands of feet higher from the lap of mother earth…

Presenting to you…
Some of the snaps I took from inside the flight…
When I sat on a window seat (for the first time in an International Travel)

Let me know if you liked them!!!

Too much of Sun... So ending this post with these ice glaciers!


  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

  2. They look awesome! I always prefer a window seat so that I can watch the sky with all its hues and shades :-)

  3. I love taking photos of the sky when I fly too. :)
    So majestic.

  4. the shots are really majestic! I loved each shot!!

  5. Fabulous, I have a collection. Of them as well!

  6. Beautiful pictures. And yes the shades of sun awe me too !!

  7. I like the second and fourth shots - the multiple shades of yellow, orange, and red add splendor to the photo!

    Destination Infinity

  8. The sun is just reduced to an Instagram photo! No one would rather sit and enjoy its warmth on a winter day or watch it's beauty while it sets or rises at a beach- all this without clicking a selfie... hard to see this now days :-/

    1. Selfies can be spoiler at times...
      I agree!

      PS: I didnt take selfies :P

  9. Fantastic photographs! Your words are so lovely!