Friday, 8 May 2015


Do you remember those days?

Cassettes and Tape-recorders…
Using Pencils to roll the tape…
Buying erasable cassettes…
Recording our voice and feeling awed!
Fast forwarding and rewinding!
Waiting eagerly for the launch of new songs…

And then, the emergence of Walkman…
Which soon qualified to be our best friend!
Redefining solitude… Making travel more enjoyable!
Money we would have spent in buying batteries…
And the scolding for finishing a pair of battery in a day!
Of course…
Parents concern over our hearing ability...
The  advice to keep the volume as low as possible…

Cassettes were replaced by CDs…
And today it is Online Music.
But, the joy of cassettes is irreplaceable.
I am glad that I to belonged the last generation that enjoyed it!
Have you experienced it too?


  1. I so remember this. Imagine the frustration when it all gets tangled up. The horror. :P
    Music is more convenient and accessible now, thank God for technology.

  2. I used to record my favorite songs on an empty cassette. Thinking about it now, the cassette player had an awful quality, but that was sufficient back then. Even after we bought a CD player + Cassette player, I used cassettes for a long time as I had recorded many good songs. Internet, and then Mobile was disruptive.

    Destination Infinity

  3. I had one carton full of cassettes and even now I miss some songs which I had recorded 'made to record'. So I liked all the songs in those cassettes. I think I still have got the carton in the attic. But the player is gone!

    Enjoyed every line here in your poetry about cassettes! I miss them!

  4. O this poem is certainly nostalgic..!! Beautifully penned..


  5. Those were the good old days. Very enjoyable.

  6. Oh yes, who can forget the casette days! Right from recording my baby's first words to my grandfather's music, everything was so enjoyable!

  7. I do I do!

    Walkman! I still treasure mine..I am indeed lucky to be a 90 kid.. there are plenty of such nostalgic memories that solely belong to our generation.. for example duck tales :P

  8. Nostalgic,mind-catching reminiscences you could pour out from our minds through these lovely lines.Nice...nice.