Monday, 18 May 2015

My Airtel App!

 was beady eyed teenager when I got my mobile phone – a gift from my cousin for passing an examination. I can never forget that day. When I held my Nokia in my hand, I felt as if the world is in my hands. This was almost a decade before when people were smarter and not mobile phones. All I could do is make or attend calls and send or receive messages. And of course, play snake! Now, with the advent of technological advancements, so much has changed. Phones are smarter and we literally have the world’s information in our hands. 2G to 4G, tethering and Wi-Fi, video calls and what not has taken communication and socializing to next level.

In spite of such sweep of changes, certain things remain unchanged though. Like our first mobile number. Do you still use your first mobile number? Do you still have that SIM? I do. When I had to decide which mobile connection I should take, Airtel was the only option which I gave to myself. I had heard a lot about its signal and network. Since then, Airtel has been my identity. It has helped me to stay connected to loved ones. Its impeccable roaming facility never ceases to awe me.

Then, life is not simple anymore. Initially, all we cared for was talk time. Eventually SMS also. Now, internet and its speed matters. Airtel continues to provide all these services and ensures that our needs are met. However, ensuring that we are paying bill on time, data balance, etc. has always been painful. But hey, not anymore. All thanks to the My Airtel App. It is designed to in such a way that it ensures an easy to use interface.

And, it will perfectly fit into your lifestyle! Here are the three reasons that explains how J
1.   Every recharge comes with Airtel Surprises
Customers can use the app to recharge any mobile number, and receive ‘Airtel Surprises’ coupons from merchants across categories like shopping, food, wellness, entertainment etc.

2.   Safe, Secured payments and Faster checkouts
Airtel’s payment stack is now PCI-DSS certified. It ensures a safe, secure and faster check out experience across My Airtel and also the PC and Mobile web experiences.

3.   “I Want To” Feature
Now, I love this feature more than all others. It allows us to make a quick action points, some frequently done tasks like recharge to a specific prepaid mobile number, etc. This would appear on the home screen and lets us save time!

Amazingly, this app also carries alerts for low balance, expiry of an add-on pack and payment due date. The bonanza is that the users on ‘My Airtel’ app will not incur any data charges for using it.

The app’s ‘I Want To’ feature will allow customers to make their frequent tasks (e.g. recharge of a specific prepaid mobile number) a quick action on their application’s home screen – thus helping them replicate the action in no time.

PS: This post is written as a part of My Airtel App


  1. Snake was an awesomely simple & fun game :) For some reason, I don't play games on my mobile nowadays, although the number of options are huge and they are graphically so advanced. Mind prefers the simplicity of Nokia 3310 - what an excellent phone!

    Destination Infinity

    1. Even I dont play games. First is always the best guess...
      And most of the times, nothing can replace that!

  2. Sounds like an amazing app. I'll have to check that.

  3. First impression is the best impression.I think people do not change their number as they change phone.Of course the loss of phone leads to number-change.Nice read.