Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan, Irrfan Khan
Shoojit Sircar
Anupam Roy
MSM Motion Pictures, Saraswati Entertainment Creations Limited, Rising Sun Films
Release Date
May 08, 2015
2 Hours and 5 Minutes

My Thoughts
The incidents in some movies would be very relatable and the characters very real. Such movies let us identify ourselves or people we know with the protagonist. Soon, the movie would become an experience. We nod. We laugh. We cry. We live with the characters and feel at home. Piku is one such rare movie.  It is made of flesh and blood. It has a flavor of you and me.

Piku directed by Shoojit Sircar (Vicky Donor fame) presents the relationship between an aging father (Amitabh Bachchan) and his daughter in late twenties (Deepika Padukone). The story revolves around their day to day life and trivial matters they discuss, which predominantly is about father’s constipation problem and his obsession to have a happy death.

Piku is a multi-tasker. She is an architect who takes care of her father and at the same time, lives her life in her way. She is short-tempered and very judgmental. She is good at heart and is proud of being herself. She is unapologetic! Deepika is at ease as Piku. Her silence and eyes speak. She infuses realism into the character, thereby making it look live and fresh.

Bhaskor Chakraborthy, a widower, is in his seventies. He is worried about his constipation problem and it is the only problem in his life. He is also scared about dying out of diseases or becoming bed ridden. He is selfish and annoying. His thoughts are very progressive and he always encourages his daughter to be independent. He enjoys life and follows one mantra – My way or highway! Amitab Bachchan will surely remind you of your father, uncle, brother or grandfather. He is that old man who is always worried about diseases and awaits death.

Irffan Khan as Rana, taxi company owner, is fun. He underplays and proves himself again. He is fun and contributes towards some of the funny moments in the film.

If the actors and their strong performances are the pillar of strength for the film, the foundation certainly is the screenplay and dialogs. There is not a single boring or redundant scene. Instead, there are several light moments that will surely make you laugh. Most of the conversations are around constipation. Yet, they don’t get on your nerves. Kudos for the writer for the climax that is free from clichés. The background music and the songs blends with the situations. Cinematographer has presented the movie at its real best. Deepika’s costumes require special mention. They look so comfortable and wearable. Ladies, parallel pants are back!

In short, Piku is a brilliantly fresh movie that oozes with realism.
Don’t miss it!



  1. Have been reading a lot of good reviews on this. I'll watch it soon :)

  2. Yes,I have heard from my daughter that it is an enjoyable film.Your nice review corroborates it.
    I hope to see it soon.

  3. Excellent commentary. There has been good review in news papers. I understand it is a box office hit and earned more than RS.40 crores in the first week itself.

    It is amazing how Amitabh , even at his age,is still turning out stellar performances which will be envied by many younger actors.

    Best wishes

    1. Yes sir. In fact, I respect Amitabh because he chooses scripts that suits his age and stature.
      I am also glad that several young directors are coming up with scripts for the veteran actor!

  4. I endorse every word you wrote. Amitabachan was simply outstanding. That doesn't belittle the performance of Deepika Padukone or Irfan. The movie is sure to be a feature in many a festivals.

  5. I am going to watch this movie this week end! Nice review!

  6. Oo I loved every single bit of the movie.. It was so fresh and rejuvenating kinds..


  7. Wonderful movie, Enjoyed every bit of it :)