Monday, 11 May 2015

Tu Tu Mein Mein - 21

Heart  : You have changed a lot.
Mind    : So have you!
Heart  : No, you have changed more than I have. These days, all you can think of is work, food and sleep!
Mind    : You also work… Feel hungry and tired!
Heart  : But, I still find time for you. Try to be with you and share.
Mind    : Amn’t I being with you now?  When have I dumped you? When you yelled at me last day and cried last week, didn’t I patiently consoled you?
Heart  : Aw! So generous of you. I appreciate the work done. Thanks!
Mind    : What that &%$#^*@$? All you can do is yell or cry? Or crib and blame!
Heart  : So, this is what you think about me! Just get lost! Let the truth live – I HAVE NO ONE!
Mind    : Okay! (Sounding very calm)
Heart  : Okay! (Angry, irritated, frustrated, teary and emotional all at the same time!!!)