Thursday, 14 May 2015

Uttama Villain

Kamal Haasan
Jayaram, K. Viswanath, K. Balachander, Nassar
Urvashi, Andrea Jeremiah, Pooja Kumar
Parvathi Menon, Parvathy Nair
Ramesh Aravind
M Gibran
Thirrupathi Brothers, Raaj Kamal Films International
Release Date
May 01, 2015
2 Hours & 52 Minutes

My Thoughts
Film-making is an art. It is a craft that comes from within the creativity of the artists and several technicians involved in the process. It is also very difficult from other forms of arts. Because, the craftsman has to not only satisfy himself, but also convince the fellow artists to be a part of the process and ultimately the movie-goers. Since the release date was announced, I have been one among those who have been eagerly waiting for the movie. But, mixed/negative reviews cultivated seeds of doubt in my head. When I learnt that the movie is almost three hours long, I almost gave up the idea of watching it. However, not for long! I finally went to watch yesterday.

Uttama Villain is a movie that will make you laugh and cry at the same time. A lump in the throat haunts you whenever Manoranjan, a filmstar, played by the versatile Kamal Hassan, comes on screen. When veteran director K Balachandar’s voice shivers, it makes you shiver too. However, when you find Uttaman, a drama artist who lived long-long ago, played by Kamal Hassan again, you can’t stop yourself from laughing.

When the smart dialogs tickle you, impeccable acting jolts you and realism moves you. The background music sets the right mood and the cinematography sets the perfect tone. The screenplay effortlessly oscillates between Manoranjan and Uttaman. They are contrasts. When Manoranjan is fighting brain tumor, Uttaman comes across as immortal who has escaped from the jaws of death more than once.

The movie conveys that death is for the mortal body, not for the craft that an artist creates. It also subtly hints the personal lives of superstars we see on screen. It portrays their other face that we never get to see.

There is a scene where Jayaram talks about his adopted daughter to Kamal Hassan. I don’t want to give spoiler. But, I have to tell you one thing – that scene proves why Kamal Hassan is what he is today. Acting is easy. But, to live as the character and emote is a different ball game, he proves.

The film also has a big array of star cast. Urvasi as Manoranjan’s wife, Andrea as his doctor , Pooja Kumar as a fellow actor, Parvathi Menon as his daughter and Parvathi Nair as his son’s girlfriend.  Then, there is MS Bhaskar, Nasser and K Viswanath also. I am amazed to see how descriptively each character is drawn. In spite of the long list of stars, each one of them stay in our heart, leave a mark and contribute to the plot.

In short, forget about the reviews and criticism. Go for the film with a clear mind. You will be entertained. You will enjoy. You will laugh. You will cry. At the end of three hours, you will be happy. Isn’t the purpose of a good movie?



  1. You echoed my feelings and the mixed views I heard before I went to watch the film, or I may also say I echo your opinion.
    It was simply devastating , if that term can be used for the feeling of being plowed under by sheer talent- all round talent.
    I bow to Kamlhassan and the screen play that was deft. It was sheer poetry in digital video.
    The song at the beginning may be the glaring spot in a wonderful movie.

    1. I am so glad that you also liked the movie.
      Regarding the song, I think it is rightly placed. Because it shows how movies have become these days - meaningless and full of masala - where the hero will romance the heroine regardless of situations in the movie or his own age!

      Thanks Anil :)

  2. Nice and interesting review, I'm sure its a great watch!

  3. After such a wonderful review by you and Mr Anil Kurup,how can I stay away from seeing it.I will do very soon.

  4. I thought the movie was a boring one Maha aruvai..

    1. Did you watch it? And you felt so? Or are you saying based on the reviews you read?
      In my opinion, its a beautiful piece of art!

  5. I don't miss any of Kamal's movies, so glad to see the high rating from you!

    1. I am not a fan of Kamal Hassan, but if good movies.
      This was a good movie which was made better by Kamal Hassan's acting.
      Did you watch it too Padmaja?

  6. Kamalahaasan cannot go down beyond a limit.So whatever he touches,it will say something new.Nice review.