Thursday, 9 July 2015

Because it's Cricket!

ike all other Indians, cricket flows in my blood too. When India plays against any country, I feel nervous. I reverently pray that we win. If they are playing against Pakistan, cricket would not be cricket anymore. I would be biting my nails and feel so tensed as if a war is going on.

World Cups makes me excited and most of the times, I dream that our team holds the world cup in hand. The mere thought evokes pride in me.

On the other hand, 20-20 series brings adrenaline rush in me. These days, I enjoy it the most. It is beyond country and patriotism. It is good cricket! Of course, you support a team – mostly depending upon the city or state you live in. Sometimes, because of the players who are a part of it. Our inclination to a team can also be driven by the persons who own it!!!

To be very frank, I am not following Test matches anymore. However, I still remember those days when I have been hooked to television for several days together. And one-days are fun too.

OKAY! I hear it. You may be wondering what is this fuss about cricket suddenly, isn’t it?

As I am writing this, I am recalling those times when I had spent sleepless nights or woken up early to watch a match. There has been times, when I had exams the next day or a week later. Instead of preparing for it, I had spent time watching the television. I can never forget the World Cup Finals 2011. My CA final exams would begin in two weeks. I was scared like hell. The beauty about preparing for CA is that there can never be enough prepared. Even the rank holders would not have been able to complete the entire syllabus! But then, there I was…  Watching cricket because I could not concentrate on studies. I didn’t want to miss anything!!! Thankfully I cleared my CA exams. Else it would not have been a great memory now!

And… when the world cup happed this year, I was a CA already – meaning, I was working!!! I could not cancel the meetings or postponed the work. I had to do it! I missed my childhood days and student life like never before. When India and Australia were playing, I was working L I desperately wished to leave my workspace and watch the game. But I could not. I was not as disheartened as I thought. All thanks to the internet of course. Sites showing matches live… Mobile apps also giving live updates and several news channels sending highlights as news bulletins.

Soon, watching match became awesome… I didn’t have to sacrifice anything to watch it live…
And I also knew that it was just a beginning J

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