Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Kakka Muttai

Vignesh, Ramesh
Iyshwarya Rajesh
M. Manikandan
G. V. Prakash Kumar
Wunderbar Films
Grass Root Film Company
Release Date
June 05, 2015
1 Hour & 49 Minutes

My Thoughts
In the slums of Chennai, two brothers live with their mother and aged grandmother. Their father is in prison and the mother is desperately saving penny by penny to bring her husband back home. She makes the boys discontinue school and are sent to do some small work. The little boys, however, don’t understand the financial situation of their family; they are too young for that – especially the little one. They always ask their mother for something or the other. Further, they are fascinated by the crow’s eggs and eat them. They also call themselves as Chinna Kakka Muttai and Periya Kakka Muttai.

One day, they find that a building is constructed in the nearby vacant land. Soon a pizzeria is opened there, inaugurated by actor Silambarasan (playing himself). He tastes the pizza and gives thumbs up. The brothers along with other kids from the nearby slum, cheer. They watch a couple of advertisements and yummy hoardings which makes them decide that they have to eat pizza too. Their mother however refuses to buy them because she genuinely doesn’t have a whopping Rs.299. So the boys decide to earn and save the money to buy their dream pizza.

Thus the movie begins….

In the process of making money, the boys collect charcoal from the nearby railway lanes. They also do some other petty jobs, but always with integrity and morality. Soon, they save enough to buy pizza. However, the security doesn’t let them inside because he thinks that the boys, coming from slums, may not have money to pay the bill. Heartbroken brothers, take their friend’s advice – people judge others based on the clothes. So they start saving more money to buy some decent clothes. Will the brothers save enough money to buy clothes? Will they finally eat pizza? This forms the rest of the story!

I was desperate to watch the movie – like the brothers in the movie who wanted to eat pizzas. When I finally watched it last weekend, it made me think. I realized that the movie is not just about two brothers hailing from a poor family and their obsession to eat pizzas. It is so much more. To name a few - The irony of ration store giving television sets to the people belonging to below poverty line and then informing that there is no rice! The two-faced politician who cares only about himself although he acts as if he supports the businessman on one hand and the poor on the other. The mindset of people who judge people by what they wear.

Ramesh as Chinna Kakka Muttai needs a special mention. His expressions steal our hearts. They are so genuine and full of innocence. Vignesh as Periya Kakka Muttai is exactly like how a big brother would be – caring, protecting, loving and best friend for life! Ishywarya Rajesh as the sibling’s mother looks real and natural. The grandmother refuses to leave our hearts; she is full of warmth and love.

The cinematography has captured the slums of Chennai as real as possible. It nicely portrays the monotony of slums and the colors of other parts of the same city. The dialogs are simple. GV Prakash Kumar’s background blends with the situations. The songs are good too.

In short, Kakka Muttai is a perfect example to the fact that a good story and screenplay is the ultimate hero. If it is executed well, big budgets, larger-than-life scenes or superstars are not needed to make movie blockbuster!

Don’t miss Kakka Muttai!
Its surely tastes yum!
And I am sure that pizzas would not make you feel the same anymore J



  1. Heard that it's a good movie but was not released here

  2. Superb movie and accurate review !

    1. Wow anna! Coming from you. .. I am cloud nine!!! Thank you :)

  3. I liked it too. Simple but effective story-telling. The message has been wrapped in humor, which is another plus.

    Destination Infinity

  4. nice review, the plot is interesting!

  5. I want to watch!! The story sounds so cute :)