Friday, 17 July 2015


Nivin Pauly
Anupama Parameshwaran, Madonna Sebastian, Sai Pallavi
Shabareesh Varma, Krishna Shankar, Vinay Forrt
Alphonse Putharen
Rajesh Murugesan
Anwar Rasheed Entertainments
Release Date
May 29, 2015
2 Hours & 50 Minutes

My Thoughts
Finally, after returning multiple times without tickets and feeling the heartbreak of seeing “Houseful” board several times, I managed to watch Premam! My excitement level was beyond explanation when I managed to get a ticket. Also because I had heard a lot about the film and wanted to know what was so special or extra-ordinary about it?

And the answer is – Nothing!!!!
Yes. You heard me write. There is nothing extra-ordinary or outlandish about the movie. There is no surrealism or awesomeness. There are no super-heroes or heroines with perfect/chiseled looked. Hero doesn’t have six packs and the heroines don’t have Chinese straight hair! The hero’s friends are not those comedians who gets kicked by the hero or others; with no brains of their own. Instead they are like our friends – normal! The story is nothing unusual either. It is a boy’s journey to manhood… His first love… heartbreaks and life per se!

Then what makes Premam an epic blockbuster?
Maybe you are George (Nivin Pauly)... Or his friends... Or Mary (Anupama Parameshwaran). It is a hit maybe because it reminds of the LadyBird she used to ride... Or the 1st smoke he had...  Maybe she used to be followed by many boys... or because that girl never reciprocated his love - worse he could not even propose... Or it reminds of that College fest... Bunked classes... Fun and the life bygone. It takes u back to a time which we had enjoyed the most – teenage and college days – A time when we were free from pretense and unaffected by the tensions of life. In short, Premam is a reminiscence. And it will appeal to those born in mid or late 1980's!

All thanks to such nitty-gritties of realism which sways the audience off their feet and simultaneously bitten by the bug of realism. Soon they relate to each characters, scenes and dialogs! Therefore, the movie turns out to be more than extra-ordinary!

The screenplay is lucid and the dialogs normal. When I say normal, I mean that they are same as what we would utter in a given condition situation! I loved the cinematography. It presents the movie at it vibrant best! The background music blends with the situation; sometimes, there is no music at all. It works perfectly well! Songs are all blockbusters anyways, Malare song will surely stir your soul J

Nivin Pauly as George is at ease and very casually behaves as if there is no camera – as if it is his life! So are his friends and every others for that matter. There are several laughable moments and you might end up laughing until you are exhausted!

In short, Premam is more than a movie. It is a phenomenon, reemphasizing that Malayalam Film Industry is all about realism. Do not miss it!

You will surely be in Premam with Premam! J

PS: I think that this movie would be more appealing to those who have lived most/all of their academic life in Kerala or women/men under 30 years (predominantly men). For all others, it gives an essence of how a regular teenager from Kerala might behave/think/speak!



  1. Yes there is nothing. Just some nothingness, some teenage banter and not boring though.
    The success of this film must fall back on the fact that 65 percent of the population is below 35 years .

    1. Actually yes.. A strategically made and placed film...!