Friday, 21 August 2015

G for God? Good? Great?

martphones and internet have become a part our daily life like food and water. It is so indispensable that we almost feel incomplete without it. Although, most of the times we struggle to prove it otherwise.

E-Mail have become a comfortable replacement for telegrams and postal services. After all, it is faster and less expensive. Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkdIn and Twitter to name a few are a part of our identity. Blogs have become a convenient media to pour our thoughts and share our talents/hobbies with wider audience spread across the globe. Online movies have enabled us to watch great movies within the comforts of our home. Video calls with our loved ones has shrunk the world and made long distance is not a matter of concern at all. And Google of course – the one click solution to all our problems and answer to all our questions.

How can I miss the apps! We use it so often that they have become a habit. We book cabs, search for nice restaurants, book tickets and plan our travel, manager finances, maintain daily journals and so much more with the help of interesting apps.

In short, all the online platforms that I have mentioned above and many other useful/interesting apps has brought revolutionary changes to our life.

Since the time I got a smartphone and internet connection, I have only experience slow speed. They said 2G is the answer to it. It was replaced with 3G and then now 4G. Sometimes, I don’t understand these G’s. Sometimes I laugh within when I think if “G” could also mean God – the God who has come to rescue us from utterly slow and boring internet speed.

Well, when I saw the new Airtel ad on 4G, I was excited. Can mobile internet be so fast – like a broadband! That would be a great idea. We invest so much money on a smartphone, for what joy? To enjoy the experience it offers. However, most of the times, we would only frustrated due to the awesome connectivity we get (sarcasm is intentional).
Then, I thought. If the mobile internet can really be so fast, what would I rather do?

·         Watch movies online
I am a big movie buff. I enjoy to experiment. I am also aware of the fact that there are so many celebrated and appreciated movies that I have not watched yet.

·         Video calls
I love to see my loved ones as often as possible. It makes me feel closer to them, if not geographically, emotionally and virtually. I feel like you can’t hide your emotions and speak when you talk on phone. But you cannot hide much and would mostly be yourself on video calls! More so if it is done frequently.

I oh-so crave for internet speed.
I would be really delighted J

PS: This is written for Airtel 4G - The Fastest Network Ever


  1. True,Satya internet is an essentiality like food and water now.Good.

    1. Really...
      And I always wonder if it is for good ot bad!!

      Thanks Rudra :)

  2. We want more bandwidth to utilize 4G to its fullest!! Why increase the speed alone without decreasing the bandwidth charges?? I am sure they can make more money due to increased usage. Listen telecom companies!!

    Destination Infinity

    1. Money matters for them...
      And whats there for us - a question that is either ignored or unanswered :)

  3. The only thing I could think of was that I really cannot let go of headache since I got smart phone. Probably the cause of my weak eye sight and I am happily compromising my sight on its usage O_o
    Must do something about it!
    When there is no internet I feel my life has stopped. This is how it is. NEt has become a compulsory element of our routine. I often think if depending on it this much and this way is beneficial or harmful? It i s hard to analyze the pros and cons.

    1. I think most of us feel the same... Which makes me wonder (again) if internet is boon or bane!
      Thanks :)