Tuesday, 8 September 2015

College Dunia

t was only a decade before when I had to choose the college in which I would like to study. It was not a difficult choice, I have to admit. I had always wanted to study in the best college in our town. I had worked really hard to secure the marks that would open the gates to my dream college. Incidentally, I also got admission there. I was elated when I saw my name in the Merit List. I felt as if I am joining Harvard Business School itself. It was a joy that I can never describe by words.

However, looking back, I realize that I was more like a frog that thinks that the well in which it dwells is the world. I didn’t think that with my marks, I could have gotten admission in one of the top commerce colleges in India. I was naïve, I guess. Or I was just ignorant. Okay, I think that ignorance is the word. I didn’t have (m)any sources through which I would know which is the best college or which would enlighten me with the procedures to join in one.

Although it’s just a decade before, internet was still not a natural part of people’s life. It was considered as a luxury. I remember that it was predominantly used to check academic results. And occasionally, to peak into our almost unused Orkut profile.

Today, as I sit comfortably on my swiveling chair and “Google” almost everything and anything in my laptop, I realize that life has changed a lot. Information is available in abundance in internet. It is a matter of how effectively we use it for our benefits. The excuse of “I did not know” cannot be used anymore.  Not today. Not now. If you do, it would just show how lazy you are. How disinterested you are!

Well, what am I trying to say?
I came across a site called CollegeDunia. It is a one-stop spot for students, parents, and educational institutions. This site provides information on higher education in India as well abroad. I browsed through the site in awe. The first thing I did was to check if my college (the best in my town as I had referred earlier) is listed or not. To be honest, I doubted it because I thought that the college was in a small town and the site may not cover that. However, I was flabbergasted to note that it is listed as one of the best ones around my place and under that particular university. I felt proud and happy.

Then, I read about the Vision of CollegeDunia. It read that it has been created to fulfill a vision of empowering students with knowledge so that they make a wiser decision while choosing their career and alma mater.

In today’s times, taking informed decision is the rule. It is more crucial when there are too many choices. Multiple choices has a tendency to confuse us and could also lead us to take wrong decisions. In such a time, CollegeDunia is a blessing in disguise, I feel.

It lists Top colleges in DelhiBest Engineering Colleges, Top Universities in India and so on. It also gives a list of top colleges in each state.

So all you students, parents and great educational institutions, this site is awesome. Just check it out and you would agree with me!

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  1. Really does look awesome, L ... just thinking of my daughter though, who has multiple degrees in Math, Chemistry and Languages ... and still can't find a permanent job in this country ... cuz everybody is holding on to what they have ... including me (60 years old) in order to" make it" ... hopefully you doing alright? Love, cat.

    1. When I read about your daughter, I realise that the world is the same... People and their thoughts are more or less the same...

      I am doing good cat. Thanks for dropping by :)

  2. Sounds great! It must be useful for many students and their parents.

    1. It certainly looks promising!!
      Thanks Sandhya :)

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