Monday, 21 September 2015

Tu Tu Mein Mein - 24

Mind   : Why can’t you just listen to me?
Heart : Why should I? Who are you to me?
Mind   : What am I saying and what are you saying?
Heart : Exactly! What are YOU saying?
Mind   : So you didn’t understand?
Heart : Nope! Don’t YOU understand that?
Mind   : Unlike you, I am not dumb. So I understand.
Heart : So you think I am dumb?
Mind   : You ARE dumb. You heard me? Happy?
Heart : You always look down at me. You always demean me. (Wailing)
Mind   : And you always complain, scream or weep. (Exasperated)
Heart : You are the understanding one, right? Then why don’t you understand?
Mind   : I UNDERSTOOD. You are DUMB!!!! (Screams)
Heart : ***sobs***


  1. I am very clearly confused.

  2. nice dialogue Satyr;
    Wishing you a week filled with love

  3. If both mind and heart are the same, the final message is applicable to the person? :P

    Destination Infinity

    1. Hmm... Not to the person...
      These are just the little arguments that we have with ourselves...

  4. Uhm ... ya ...that might be true in some cases ... but I beg to differ ... I if may ... when my very "practical" son and very "brainy" daughter were young, I overheard a conversation between them ... it went like this: Daughter saying to brother: "Someday you will be coming to my door, begging for food, stupid." and my son answered... nothing ... Now ... 10 years later ... and a daughter with 3 degrees under her belt and a son with a solid mechanic job, house and car ... and look whose cumin to beg for food at his door step? ... ya ... I know this is not the same that you are writing about, L ... but in a way it is ... awesome post as always ... thank you ... Love, cat.

    1. I so totally agree... In certain situations, we say or think in certain ways... we may not mean it... we may not hope/wait to see it come true... I guess.. :)
      Thanks Cat :)

  5. The push and pull of those two things can be painful.

    1. And its a routine activity... So an unavoidable pain!

  6. Ha ha ha ... always a closely fought battle :D

  7. Hahaha.. As usual.. it was fun to read these..!


  8. Sometimes heart and mind are like that.