Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Tu Tu Mein Mein - 25

Heart : I am so happy today!
Mind   : Strange! Really? Sure?
Heart : What is so strange if someone is happy?
Mind   : Of course there is nothing strange if someone is happy!
Heart : You only said so!
Mind   : I don’t deny. Strange indeed because YOU are happy!
Heart : ALRIGHT! You just want to nutpick and fight.
Mind   : I am sorry. Tell me why you are happy. Please!
Heart : Wow! Someone is sweet and all! What’s the matter ah?
Mind   : Ah! Nothing. You are happy. And I am happy for you J
Heart : I can’t believe this! You are happy and not fighting!!! Oh-Yem-Gee!!!
Mind   : ***Silent***
Heart : Why are you silent? Say something!!!
Mind   : What should I say? Tell me ***Confused***
Heart : Don’t you even feel like asking why I am happy?
Mind   : Okay, tell me, why are you happy?
Heart : Just F%^$S^ off. You will never change!!! ***stomps away***
Mind   : ***sighs***

PS: Locomente is happy today because this is the 25th post in the Tu Tu Mein Mein series… A series that is very close to my heart (and mind as well, mind you!).

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