Monday, 30 November 2015

A Walk to Remember Indeed!

he was busy re-arranging the books on the shelf. As she picked each book, they brought back the memories of the good times she had spent with those fictional characters. For some time, they were a part of her uneventful life. They had open-heartedly welcomed her to their world. They had never hesitated to share their worries, love, life, tears, laughter and happiness with her. Many a times, they had even startled her by sharing their deep secrets.

As the book “A Walk to Remember” by Nicholas Sparks caught her attention, she was amazed that it was not Noah and Laura who allured her. It was not their love and pain that moved her. Instead, it was the memories of that lunch that flickered within her.

On that sultry afternoon, she had carried “A Walk to Remember” book to the lunch. She had read it on the way to the restaurant where she met him. He had asked if she would share it with him. “I have not finished the book”, she had replied. Although she wanted to say, “I don’t lend my books”.

After the lunch, they had a long walk across the road, past the bustling vehicles and rattling people. Occasionally, they observed that some people were staring at them. But they deliberately ignored their glares and scuttled away.

It was more than half a decade now, she told herself. A sweet smile adorned her face as she thought about him. A loving stranger he was. A confusing lover he was. An angel he was. He still is, said a voice within and she blushed before accusing herself for always being grammatically incorrect while expressing emotions.

She closed her eyes as she felt the warmth of the book in her hands. Phantasmagoria of that luncheon and that long walk replayed in her mind.

A walk to remember indeed… she smiled.


  1. so cute,,
    is this a fiction or was that girl you,.??
    haha,,and who was that angel?

  2. Most of the things that we love in our life usually have a beautiful memory attached to it, which actually makes it the favorite. For instance , a song might not be favorite for the lyrics in it, but the thought chain that those words build in us might be the reason making the song close to heart.

    By the walk to remember is indeed one of my favorite book . That is the first book I read in my high school

    1. What u said is soo true... Totally agree with u. Thank you :)