Monday, 16 November 2015

Tu Tu Mein Mein - 26

Mind   : Won’t you ever talk to me?
Heart : No!
Mind   : But why? Won’t you tell the reason?
Heart : Because there is nothing common between us. Our worlds are different. And I doubt if they could ever co-exist or even intersect.
Mind   : Of all the people, you say that?
Heart : Yes. Of all the people only I know how it feels to be neglected and ignored. You taught me.
Mind   : Can you stop the drama and get back to routine?
Heart : You don’t have to tell me what I should do. I have a mind of my own
Mind   : Of course you have a mind of your own and that’s me!
Heart : Don’t play with words. Just let me be.
Mind   : Exactly. Be yourself. Talk to me.
Heart : Self-obsessed &^%$@ (sighs)
Mind   : (winks)


  1. The push and pull fight of these two. :)

  2. Technically the heart you're referring to here is still the the mind is actually at war with itself.

    And boy! What a fight it is! Always tough!

    Loved reading.

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    1. Thanks CRD... I checked your blog and it is brilliant!

  3. It's important to be open to suggestions, but it's more important to be yourself at all times ... if that doesn't work ... follow your heart .. wink ... smiles ... Love, cat.

  4. haha
    an apt convo between heart and mind... Having written many heart Vs mind Vs brain posts , I felt this conversation to be apt

  5. Haha..that was sweet.. I like such endings Loco :)