Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Ranbir Kapoor
Deepika Padukone
Imtiaz Ali
Ravi Varman
A R Rahman
Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment
Release Date
November 27, 2015
2 Hours & 31 Minutes

My Thoughts
As a child, we all dream. We live in a fantasy world - talking to imaginary characters, listening to the bedtime stories, watching cartoons and so on. We all believe that our life would also be as eventful and dramatic as those stories. We also believe that we are brave and unconquerable. We think that goodness and truth will triumph in the end; evil will perish. But, as we grow up, we are taught to crush our dreams. Constant comparisons with the peers and others make us lose belief in ourselves. We lose our self-confidence and begin to develop an inferiority complex. We mindlessly start running in race. We feel fragile and fickle minded. We end up becoming an alien to ourselves.

Tamasha is all about how a child’s dreams are crushed as he/she grows up and how he ends up as an unhappy soul with identity crisis. The underlying story is complex and the screenplay oscillates between the present and past of the protagonist Ved (brilliantly portrayed by Ranbir Kapoor). The dialogs are natural and suits the situations perfectly. Cinematography, especially the Corsica times, are short beautifully – they are vibrant and young – showing how the pair feel at that time. A R Rahman’s background music blends with the scenes and I liked the way songs are choreographed.

Tamasha is about Ved – his childhood, upbringing, dreams, weakness, life, fantasies and so on. It is also about how his life is transformed by one person – Tara (a beautiful and empathetic Deepike Padukone). Tara is a rich, career oriented, romantic and understanding. She is the pillar of support when Ved fails. Their chemistry is out of the world.

There are a few potholes, of course. But there are several moments that would touch your heart. At times, it even pinches you and compels you to retrospect. Imtiaz Ali has always handled complex human emotions showing their uncertainties and inferiorities. This movie is no different. However, the focus is more on the impact of parents in a child. Tamasha is about how upbringing shapes the rest of the life of a child.

In short, this movie will make you laugh, cry, think and even retrospect. It implicitly throws a few questions and forces you to consciously answer them.

Tamasha is a movie of self-awakening. Do not miss it!


PS: I don’t think that I can ever have enough of Rabir and Deepika. There is something very innocent and natural about their chemistry. Imtiaz Ali – You are awesome!


  1. Seems a wonderful script. I enjoyed Imtiaz Ali's previous movies. Sure, he is awesome. Will watch this one soon. Nicely reviewed, Loco.

  2. I am planning to see this one at the weekend.. lets see if i manage to do that :)


  3. I love their chemistry :D Will watch this over the weekend :)