Saturday, 23 January 2016

Tu Tu Mein Mein - 27

Heart : You will never understand.
Mind   : What now?
Heart : Nothing.
Mind   : You were alright till now. Suddenly you start again. (Confused and irritated)
Heart : STARTED AGAIN?!!! What do you mean? Am I always like this – you tell me. What really don’t understand? You ignore me. Take me for granted. And then you blame me if I express my feelings. Tell me what I should do. TELL ME NOW! (Screaming)
Mind   : Only you have feelings. Others don’t.
Heart : Of course. Others have feelings. Not you.
Mind   : Okay, I have no feelings. I don’t care about others. Happy?
Heart : What are you saying? I told me three things –three about me and one about you. You are behind that one thing I told you. Can you not be so self-obsessed?
Mind   : Now I am self-obsessed also. Go on…
Heart : Forget it. You will never understand! (weeps)
Mind   : (Sighs)