Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Action Hero Biju

Nivin Pauly
Anu Emmanuel
Joju George, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Rohini,
Abrid Shine
Alex J. Pulickal
Songs: Jerry Amaldev
Background: Rajesh Murugesan
Pauly Jr Pictures
Release Date
February 04, 2016
2 Hours & 25 Minutes

My Thoughts
As a genre, movies on cops are well-accepted. It is always a pleasure to see the hero of the film flexing his muscles, diffusing the time bomb, fighting with at least a dozen thuds, chasing the criminal through different means like running, driving car, riding bike and so on. These movies always present a dangerous criminal with political affiliations who is malicious to society and to all the sincere police officers. But, then, our police hero is fearless and smart. He finally kills/imprisons and depending on his degree of smartness, transform the villain into a do-gooder.

Abrid Shine’s second directorial venture, Action Hero Biju is free from the above clichés. It simply puts across what happens in the day-to-day life of a police officer (a Sub-Inspector to be precise). Sub Inspector Biju Paulose (Nivin Pauly) is a dedicated police officer who is smart and fun loving. He knows his job and loves it more than his life. He is engaged to a beautiful and serene Benita Dominic (Anu Emmanuel). Editing is crisp and the cinematography infuses realism. Background music blends with the scenes and sometimes elevates the feel altogether. Songs are not so good, but the choreography is.

Action Hero Biju is a winner because it doesn’t try to be cinematic or dramatic. It is like following a police officer and searching/looking for dramatic elements in it. Biju comes across varieties of cases… from chain snatcher to drug dealer. Funny moments to emotionally shattering ones.  Each case is socially relevant, but does not take a preachy tone. There lies the success!

Nivin Pauly shines as Biju. He is a born actor and a talent that cannot be ignored. This also happens to be the first movie he has produced. I liked the cute manner in which he thanks everyone who has helped him in becoming what he is today. I am sure that his humility would take him to places!

So, doubtlessly… Go for it…
At times, it might seem like never ending (The movie is a whopping 145 minutes long!).
But the variety of cases and emotions that Biju experiences will surely make us look at the Police officers through different eyes.
Salute to them!!!



  1. I like watching non commercial movies, mostly because I want to see how an actor presents reality without much drama and background scores. This one sounds like a good movie. Nice review.

    1. I would not like to call this a Non-commercial elements... But, not in the cliched manner... In a style of its own... :)

  2. Absolutely in agreement with you.

  3. Sounds interesting... Thanks for this review :-)

  4. Your review is good.I heard different opinions from different people.Some say a good movie.Some say just like a documentary. About Nivin Pauly also he puts up natural acting, but he posses luck more than innate talent.But he tries and turns successful. Some opine he is talented.

    1. I went to the theater after listening to these mixed reviews... He is lucky of course. But I think luck favors him more because he is talented.