Friday, 19 February 2016

Beyond the Horizon

So, what did you guys talk about?” I asked Aditya, my fiancé. He was telling me that he had met his college friend, Varun, after ten years.
Aditya and I have been childhood friends. The decision to get married was gradual and seemed natural. Although we had initial apprehensions about whether it would work out and if we would be compatible with each other, we agreed to give it a shot.
“Come on, we have known each other forever”, I smiled.
“Yes, it’s better to be with someone with whom we are comfortable than to take a giant leap and be with stranger, with the hope of some magic to happen soon”, he agreed. This had happened a year before when both our parents and family wanted to get married and settled down.
“Well, the usual stuffs. Varun doesn’t want to get married. But his parents are behind him. He has avoided the topic till now. But, now he feels that he can’t it anymore”, Aditya said.
“But what is the problem? Why doesn’t he want to get married?” I asked as a matter of fact.
“Come on dear, now please don’t sound like that random aunty we meet on other’s wedding.”
Arey no! That’s not what I meant. It’s okay to decide not to get married ever. But there must be a reason. It’s okay to say I will marry after five-ten years. Or I have a girlfriend or boyfriend. Or just say that I am uncomfortable with this arranged marriage thing”, I explained.
“Shraddha, marriage is a personal decision. I don’t know why the entire world has to suddenly be involved with your life and force you to take a very personal and intimate decision”.
“I know that Adi. I am just wondering why he doesn’t want to get married. When he is old, what if he feels like he made a wrong choice? We are his friends, you see? Didn’t you ask for the reason?”
“Of course, I did”, Adi said and bit his lips.
“Okay”, I mumbled and didn’t force Adi further. I sensed that he was feeling uncomfortable to say something to me.
“He is a gay Shraddha”, Adi blurted out. A few moments of silence passed.
“His parents are emotionally blackmailing him. All his friends are either married or engaged. He is trying to sort his life. But, people are just not letting him do so. I didn’t want to tell you because you know, it is something very personal to him. But then, I could not NOT tell you also”, he looked away.
“I just hope that he gets out of this mess soon”
“Me too”, Adi said.


  1. Hmmm, well ending keeps us guessing !!!

  2. Hope his parents understand him and support him.

  3. Such matters will handg about long time in our society and will not totally be seen untoward for a long time to come.

    1. Well said... But at least there are a few of us who like to be the change, I hope

  4. Well said.I thought he had kept silent love for Shraddha.Nice story.