Saturday, 26 March 2016

Hello Catty!

Cat is the animal that always intrigue me!

It is untouched, careless and selfish…
An exact opposite of what we men are taught we never should be!
Hence, we live a dog’s life… And dream to be a cat, I guess J 

And, cats know to strike a pose for a picture…
They sprinkle attitude…
And I totally adore them!!!


  1. Really delightful photos. Happy Easter!

  2. Yes, cats have attitude. I too like them for that. But I hear they make difficult pets, esp. when compared to dogs.

    Destination Infinity

  3. We had a dog and many cats at home. Yes, they are selfish and live as per their wish!

  4. Looks like cats are great posers! I think they are also quite lazy, as i see them mostly somewhere sleeping. There’s a cat in similar pattern and color in my neighborhood.

  5. Oh, I had a real incident in my life with cats when I had to see cat dead with blood spilled all over the place, when I was back from somewhere and that was a horrible tragedy. The experience made it to my haiku. It hurts to reminisce.