Friday, 22 April 2016


Shah Rukh Khan
Maneesh Sharma
Manu Anand
Namrata Rao
Songs: Vishal–Shekhar
Background score: Andrea Guerra
Yash Raj Films
Release Date
April 15, 2016
2 Hours & 22 Minutes

My Thoughts
Maneesh Sharma’s directorial venture Fan with Shahrukh Khan in double role (as the superstar Aryan Khanna and fan Gourav Chandna) is a testimonial to what an actor can do to a movie.

Gourav is a twenty-something years old Delhi boy who idolizes the superstar Aryan Khanna. He believes that he is the biggest fan of Aryan and has only one ambition in life – to meet the star and take a picture with him. When Gourav wins a local talent show and goes to meet the star, the story moves to the main plot. As an attempt to impress, he assaults Aryan’s fellow worker who speaks against the superstar and forcefully records an apology video. Gourav also let Aryan know that he was responsible for the video. However, Aryan considers this mindless activity as a crime. He also refuses to spend few minutes with Gourav stating that it is his life and he would decide with whom he would like to be. Gourav being someone who has dedicated all his life in following the actor, finds such response heart-breaking. Gradually, he graduates as Aryan’s biggest enemy whose only aim is rip his stardom away.

The story is interesting and unique. But, the screenplay is a little lose - a superstar running across the streets unnoticed, really! The editing could have been better. If the movie was little less long, it would have been much better. The chase scenes were dragging. The background music is brilliant and I wish that they showed the Jabra song as a part of the credits at least. The cinematographer translates the local colors of Delhi, Mumbai, London and Dubrovnik in the big screen.  

Shahrukh Khan as Gourav and Aryan Khanna is both the show-stopper and the show-stealer.
As Aryan, he is himself, depicting the ups and lows of a star’s life. He expresses the dilemma of being a star. He understands that he would not be what he is without his fans. He also acknowledges and is grateful for that. At the same time, he also carries an air of arrogance.
As Gourav an obsessed fan and the look alike of Aryan is unbelievable! Although looks could be attributed to prosthetics and computer tricks, his dialog delivery, mannerisms and body language bring credibility to the character. Shahrukh Khan presents himself so differently that Gourav doesn’t come across as the Shahrukh Khan we are familiar with. Both the characters have shades of grey; it is commendable that Shahrukh Khan agreed to play such a role - a welcome relief from Ra One to Dilwale.

For today’s generation, Shahrukh Khan is a part of their daily life. Some of his dialogs are a part of their day to conversation style. They believe that he is the epitome of romance and that he is a good hearted person. Fan gambles this image and they win! Of course, more as the fan than the actor reiterating that there is no actor without his/her fans!

In short, Shahrukh Khan proves why he is the Badshah of Bollywood
Go for it! You will get to see the Shahrukh Khan of Baazigar days!



  1. Many people said that it is not good. So I stopped planning to see this. Maybe I will see at home later.

  2. I didn't like this movie. Very weak script.

    Destination Infinity