Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Dulquer Salmaan, Sai Pallavi
Chemban Vinod Jose
Sameer Thahir
Gireesh Gangadharan
Gopi Sundar
Hand Made Films
Release Date
March 26, 2016
1 Hour & 54 Minutes

My Thoughts
Sameer Thahir’s Kali is a story that focuses on only one emotion – anger. The screenplay is as clear as the title. It is about how menacing and damaging anger could be not only to the person who feels the anger but also to the near and dear ones.

Kali is Siddharth (Dulquer Salmaan) and his anger management problems. We are shown glimpses of various circumstances where he loses his temper (from his childhood days) and how he handles them. Thankfully, Siddharth and Anjali (Sai Pallavi) comes across as a couple in relationship from the beginning. Although we miss to know how they met each other and such other intricacies, it feels good to see a matured relationship. It is better to see life after marriage and the related nuances and problems.

The first half of the film spends time in establishing the character of Siddharth and his relationship with Anjali. Several incidents are woven making it interesting. And, the second half centers on the night in a Highway on the way from Cochin to Masinagudi in Karnataka. It transforms into a road trip mode and how that journey transforms them and their life forever.  The cinematographer has done a commendable job during the scenes shot in the night. The Chenda in the background whenever Siddharth loses his temper is appealing. The songs are beautifully choreographed with montages. The editing is always crisp.

Dulquer as the angry young man depicts the emotion at its perfect best. The way he strain his brows, the voice modulation when he yells, the strain in his voice and the animal-like body language is well conveyed. His physique makes it believable when he beats up people. Special appreciations to the actor for agreeing to play a character with such a gray shade.  Sai Pallavi as the patient, understanding and loving girlfriend/wife is charming. She continues to look an extension of Malar Miss (Premam fame) in modern clothes. Her hair is unkempt and face is free from make-up. Just before the climax there is a scene where she drives the car across the Highway in the night. The fear, helplessness and anxiety is beautifully shown by her. However, there are some scenes where we wish that at least a bit of talcum powder should have been used on her face. Chemban Vinod Jose as Chakkara is scary in his own real way.

In short, the second half is where the aspects come together to produce a sample of how adversely anger can affect people. As audience, we feel tensed, helpless, scared and what not. Kali wins there!

Done miss it!


PS: This is my 100th movie review! Hurray!!! J

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  1. I'm yet to watch this, esp for Dulquer and Sai pallavi. :) Nicely reviewed.