Friday, 1 April 2016

We The Fools!

 decided to look at this day (April 1st or the famously known Fool’s Day) differently. Most of our childhood would have been spent in planning pranks to make a fool out of others. Ah! That joy of crying out, “April Fool”!

As we grow old, we leave our childhood shoes outside. Sometimes, we just store it inside and never use it. We think that we are grown out of it when we desperately wish that we should try it one more time to check if we could still fit in.

Eventually, we reach a point where our focus shifts from fooling others to NOT fooling ourselves. And, that’s when we realize that it is the mantra for life.


A small voice often reminds us not to fool ourselves. But, we don’t listen. We pretend that the voice is heard from the neighbor’s television and try to ignore it.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a Fool as “a person who lacks good sense or judgment: a stupid or silly person”. Basically, he acts unwisely or imprudently.

“I know now that what makes a fool is an inability to take even his own good advice.”
William Faulkner

Now tell me, don’t you think that the basic objective of our life is to fool ourselves? We are always in a dilemma in deciding what we want. And if we get what we want, we are unhappy. We think that the grass is greener ONLY on the other side. We try to smile when we are angry and laugh when we want to cry. We would try to remain silent when we just want to yell and say bad things when we know that we don’t meant it. I mean, most of the times, we just mess up with our lives. Ironically, we also know that it is good. We want to break up, yet we continue in the relationship. We want to do business, but we choose employment. We want to travel alone, but we think that others might find it “uncool”. The list just goes on. Basically, we fool ourselves. We say that all is well when it is not (3 Idiots reference, intended!).

So, on this Fool’s Day, let’s pledge not to fool ourselves. Let’s not pretend that everything is alright when it is not and vice versa. Let’s just celebrate life and always remember, live life king size – after all, we live only once!

Keep Smiling!


  1. Intentionally we may not fool ourselves.But in the current of life activities we turn foolish and also clever.Anyway you have pointed out the impact of fooling ourselves very well.

  2. Although we have options, and prefer something over the other, in the end we choose one option. So, in my perspective, we seem to be clear on what we want.

    But we may feel that we have missed a better option in what we have not chosen. But we chose what appeared to be the best option in the first place. So if we stop worrying, things will be better.

    Destination Infinity

  3. Hmmmm I differ those decisions we take are probably the best at the time the decision was taken

    Hindsight is wonderful but pity things are already in motion by the time hindsight comes in.

    In today's world I doubt if any one is a fool .. everyone is clever ..

  4. I forget this day until I checked the calendar and I find nothing to celebrate the day unlike childhood, making fool out of silly things. I think people who are conscious about things happening around; there isn’t a matter of false belief.

  5. Sometimes ignorance (even if feigned) is bliss, but yes in the long run we should not be lying to ourselves.