Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Idhu Namma Aalu

Silambarasan, Soori
Nayantara, Andrea Jeremiah
Chimbu Cine Arts and Pasanga Productions
Release Date
May 27, 2016
2 Hours & 18 Minutes

My Thoughts                   
The most awaited Idhu namma aalu is about Siva (Silambarasan) and his love life (including marriage). He is a responsible son who tries to make his father(Jayaprakash) happy. For a change, the father is more like a friend and always supports and understands his son. He is an awesome friend. He shares his space Vaasu (Soori) and together they have an unbeatable sense of humor. He is a cool boss at office. He is also a perfect boyfriend and towards the climax you realize that he is a perfect husband too! Siva is engaged to Myla (Nayantara) and has had a past relationship with Priya (Andrea). Idhu namma aalu lightheartedly deals with Siva’s life, situational villains and how he successfully emerges out of it.

Director Pandiraj (of Pasanga) fame), has laid his hands on a very complex storyline. But delivers it effortlessly with lots of humor. Except for the climatic drama, the movie holds a realistic charm. The narration of flashback is different and the way breakup is handled by Siva and Priya is matured. The editing could have been much better in the second half and the unwanted song with Adha Sharma could have been avoided. Cinematographer has presented the movie vibrantly, oozing with love and romance.  Kuralarasan debuts as the music director and has done a moderately decent job; composing songs that suits his brother’s taste/image. Kanne Un Kaadhal in Yuvan Shankar Raja’s voice is nice.

In spite of 138 minutes, the movie seems dragging and never ending. It doesn’t strike your heart and stirs it. It doesn’t emotionally affect you and you just feel like a distant spectator and not the party to misery. Since the couple’s pain, love and romance doesn’t hit the audience, the disconnection become inevitable.

Having said that Simbu’s charm and Nayantara’s acting coupled with Deepa Venkat’s dubbing keeps the movie interesting. Soori ensures that the audience are thoroughly entertained. Santhanam in a cameo throws some one-liners that will make us laugh.

Go for it… For Simbu and Nayan…
To feel the youngness of love!



  1. ... youngness of love is what makes the world go round, friend Lcomente ... Love, cat

    1. Locomente ... sorry about my miss spelling your name ... Love, cat.

  2. Soori's comedy was fun. The lead pair looked fresh. It was a good entertainer. Well reviewed, Loco :)

  3. I just hate this movie trailer itself ! Don't know y dint see the movie . Suri I just hate so why to waste money !