Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Thenupuriswarar Temple in the village of Patteeswaram (Tamil Nadu, India) is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Shiva. It is located 6 km away from Kumbakonam.

Patteeswaram is named after the daughter of the divine cow Kamadhenu - Patti, who is said to have worshipped the lord there

According to the legend, Tirugnana Sambandar had gone to the Shiva temple in Thirusattimutram and proceeded towards Patteeswaram. Since Sambandar could not go inside the temple, Lord Shiva ordered Nandi to shift position so that view of the altar from outside. And in the temple, it can be noted that the Nandhi is not in its usual straight line with the Shiva Linga. 

It is said that Lord Rama was relieved from the Sayagathi dosha for killing Vali.

And Goddess Durga is in her most beautiful and enigmatic form. Her face is serene and any devotee would get mesmerized by Her.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Loco mente! I have heard about this temple, but yet to visit. Thanks for the information!

  2. I have seen this temple..wish I knew all this before visiting, then my joy would have been doubled.

  3. I have heard of this place but not the details till I read your post.Thanks.

  4. This just makes me realise that there are so many places in India itself that I haven't yet visited. Amazing pictures :)

    1. Very true... India is a treasure house.. So much we dont know... :)

  5. TN is full of temples carrying architectural grace.Nice photos.OM!Namashivaayah!