Monday, 19 September 2016

Iru Mugan

Vikram, Nayantara, Nithya Menen
Nassar, Thambi Ramaiah, Karunakaran, Riythvika
Anand Shankar
RD Rajasekhar
Harris Jayaraj
Bhuvan Srinivasan
Thameens Films
Release Date
September 08, 2016
2 Hours & 34 Minutes

My Thoughts
Love (Vikram) lives in Malaysia and is a bad heart. He aims to attack India with his fierce composition called “Speed” inhaling which a human turns into monster for five minutes. Akhilan Vinod (Vikram again) is a former RAW agent from India who was suspended four years ago for his ruthless attitude. The reason for his heartless act is the death of his wife Meera (Nayathara), a professional hacker during an operation with Akhilan to capture Love. Everyone assumes that Love is killed. But, Love is alive! So, the RAW chief Malik (Nassar) unofficially appoints Akhilan with a junior RAW agent (Nithya Menen) to help them capture Love. Rest of the movie is about whether Akhilan successfully captures/kills Love and avenges the murderer of his wife.

The problem is not the plot. But, the loose screenplay and unconvincing cast (except for Vikram and Nayanthara). Nithya Menen as RAW agent Aayushi comes across as an emotional woman who is a little too plump (read unfit) for the role. Thambi Ramaiah as the joker Malaysian cop is used for infusing comedy into the story. Nassar and Riythvika is a talent wasted. The role of Nayathara is crucial, but limited. Thankfully, unlike other supporting casts, her character is not clichéd. Sigh! The burden of performance rests on Vikram who has effectively differentiated Love and Akhilan with stunning body language. He singlehandedly struggles and triumphs.

Further, there is no background on why Love is behaving in the way he is behaving. Therefore, as an audience, we don’t feel connected to such a strong villain. We feel as detached as we would feel while reading a brief news bulletin.

The editor could have made it crispier. The background music could have been less blaring. The songs could have been catchy. The cinematographer could have brought out the love between Akhilan and Meera colorfully. Love’s monologue post interval could have been more interesting and short. Iru Mugan is full of such ifs and buts. There is enough logic, but there are more clichés. The subject matter is not effectively conveyed. Hence, the movie looks like a never ending ordeal.

Watch Iru Mugan for Vikram.
His dedication and hard work never fails to awe us.
I am sure that he deserves a lot more than this.



  1. Aw, 2.5. I guess there are lots of room for improvement.

  2. Won't see this movie . How do u get time to see all the movies ? Me wondering!!

  3. I ma a person who cannot watch movie with frequency. Anyway a part of the movies I learn from reviews.Nice review.

  4. I was wondering if I should watch this! Thanks for the review:)