Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Five Years as Locomente!!!

 always wait for this day. Locomente - my alter ego - turns five today! (YAY!!!) I wonder if I could still call Locomente as my baby blog though. I feel my blog is growing up too fast. I feel old myself. But then, as the old adage goes – time and tide waits for none (oops!).

I have read and heard from others that a baby teaches a lot of things to their parents. Unconditional love, patience, discipline, self-control and the importance to cherish small moments. In a way, my baby blog has taught a lot of things to me too. The analogy may seem a little weird. But, for some reason, I find it too apt. Locomente taught me to write without expecting anything in return. It made me sit patiently for days with almost no words in mind, when the writer’s block was round the block. It made me think the impossible, observe almost everything and write every day.

Over five years Locomente has evolved. I think it has an identity now.

Loves writing
Crazy Mind
Movie buff
Enjoys painting and kolam
Never bored of reading
Travel Enthusiast
Eternal thinker

As I celebrate my blog's fifth birthday, I realize that Locomente is not only a lot like me but also a lot unlike me. It lets my mind go crazy, think unlike me and write things that I have dreamt, feared, observed and felt. Locomente helped me express. It brought words into my life with which I coul shamelessly romance.  

I am smiling as I write these last few sentences because I am recalling that Diwali afternoon when Locomente happened - a sweet accident! Then, I stare at the distant vacuum and remind myself, “Miles to go before I sleep”. 

Before I end this post, I thank my family and friends who have supported through the journey. Your constant comments and feedback has always been motivating; especially during times when I wanted to give up.

So, let me sit back and widen my smile a little bit more… Let me relax and let out a sigh… Let me enjoy the calmness that is surrounding at this time of night… And let me say…

Happy birthday, Locomente!!! J

PS: Locomente is not my autobiography. I think and observe. I overdramatize and exaggerate. Locomente is my alter ego; not me!

PPS: I realize that I am writing something after a really long time. The posts in my blogs (except reviews, of course) are prescheduled and are mostly written at least a year ago! Maybe this a new beginning…


  1. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Locomente. Whenever I think of Locomente, I always think of those romantic poems. Looking forward to reading your posts for many many more years.

  2. Many happy returns of the day. I wonder how you are able to pre-schedule posts for over a year while I find it difficult to save them in drafts for even a week! All the best for all your future blogging endeavours.

    Destination Infinity

    1. Thanks Rajesh... Managing drafts are fun... though in the beginning it will seem tedious..

  3. Congrats Locomente :) Like you said blogging teach us so many things and receiving various preservatives as comment enrich out views and extends to see out of boundaries.

    Best wishes

    1. So true... And the comments keeps us going...
      Thank you :)

  4. How are you Locomente?
    Growing old ha now you are grown enough to go change gears and write something for people to think not just how you feel but what we should think like give us some food for thought.

    Happy birthday

    1. Thanks sir!

      Well, I do write such stuffs.. Try reading this please:

  5. Happy birthday to your alter ego! :)
    Many more years of craziness and awesome blogging. Cheers!

  6. Five years of sustained writing and also kept interesting is indeed a milestone in the life of a blog.Hearty congratulations.

  7. Let's await numerous joyful returns of Locomente to to swing us in the world of your imagination.Well done.

  8. Congrats Loco'
    Better late than never... ;)
    I am not an avid follower but you do occasionally cross my mind, I stop by and am always rewarded. It is obvious this blog is a part of you so with that, I wish you manifold milestones and look forward to continuing to watch this baby grow!